A year later, SASSA still desperately scrambling

The agency again pins its hopes on the ConCourt to ensure millions receive their grants, despite having a year to get its affairs in order.

CPS won't shirk constitutional duties

Feb 15, 2018

Despite ongoing public scrutiny, the Net1 subsidiary is not against being SASSA's white knight to ensure uninterrupted social grant payments.

Net1 invests more in blockchain development

Feb 9, 2018

Net1 UEPS Technologies ups its stake in Bank Frick in Liechtenstein to accelerate the expansion of a dedicated team focused on blockchain technology.

SASSA again needs rescue from self-engineered crisis

Feb 9, 2018

The social security agency once again looks to the ConCourt, as it requests an extension of the suspension of invalidity of the Cash Paymaster Services contract.

SASSA, CPS in tiff over R1bn claims

Jan 12, 2018

Gloves are off as the agency rejects allegations it owes the social grants paymaster over R1 billion for breached contracts.

Social grants payments model gets go-ahead

Dec 11, 2017

SASSA and SAPO reach a deal to usher in a new grants payment system ahead of the expiry date of the Cash Paymaster Services' contract.

Net1 may have understated SASSA contract profits

Nov 20, 2017

An independent report claims Net1 underestimated the pre-tax profits of CPS's SASSA contract by between R214.2 million and R614.4 million.

ConCourt sets deadline for SASSA payments plan

Nov 13, 2017

The Constitutional Court orders the social security agency to deliver a comprehensive plan by 8?December, detailing how it will pay social grant recipients.

Net1 commits to uninterrupted SASSA payments

Nov 10, 2017

Although government is backing the South African Post Office to take over social grant payments, the CPS holding company still pledges its support.?

SASSA, post office pay agreement in the works

Nov 8, 2017

The Inter-Ministerial Committee gives strict deadlines to SASSA and the post office to sign a co-operation agreement for a new social grants payment plan.

SASSA, post office deadlock sees Treasury intervene

Nov 2, 2017

Plans to issue a tender for grant distribution have been halted, as National Treasury is roped in to determine how best to avoid a potential catastrophe.

SASSA trims post office deal, opts for new tender

Oct 31, 2017

The social development minister says the South African Post Office is incapable of issuing social grants.