POPI act

Retiring or disposing of assets?

Universe Direct has a 24-year track record in the refurbishment and disposal of used IT equipment in a way that is compliant with the POPI Act.


Information Regulator looks into WhatsApp’s updated privacy policy

The South African watchdog engages WhatsApp’s parent company, Facebook, after the former rolled out new terms and conditions.


Information Regulator welcomes new member

President Cyril Ramaphosa appoints Alison Tilley as a part-time member of the Information Regulator.

Nov 9, 2020

Acceptance of privacy culture vital for POPIA compliance

The most common hurdle for companies is the human predisposition to resist change, says Paul Raath, consultant/change manager at Bizmod.


Security challenges presented by POPI and the pandemic

Companies previously accepted potentially insecure devices within their environments as they weighed risk against productivity rewards. But the scales are tilting alarmingly.


How SMEs should protect themselves from attack

Small businesses can be significant targets for cyber attackers because a weaker security posture makes them more vulnerable to hackers, says Stefan van de Giessen, GM: Cybersecurity at Networks Unlimited Africa.

Oct 27, 2020

Remaining sections of POPIA and their effects

There are a number of additional sections that have been added to the POPI Act and will come into effect, says Anelda Dillon, senior consultant at Bizmod.

Sep 2, 2020

Vumacam blasts JRA for challenging CCTV court ruling

The appeal hinders the rollout of cameras to support SAPS, JMPD and security companies in their crime-fighting efforts, says Vumacam CEO Ricky Croock.


Lombard Insurance engages SA authorities after data breach

While the insurer is working with the Information Regulator, it has yet to disclose what information was accessed by the hackers or the number of people affected.


Information Regulator eyes bigger budget amid surge in data breaches

A well-funded Information Regulator will go a long way to giving the POPI Act its powers, says attorney and Information Regulator member Sizwe Snail ka Mtuze.


Only 17 out of 54 African states have data privacy laws

An information security expert tells the ITWeb Security Summit 2020 that African countries are lagging in enacting data protection laws.

Aug 21, 2020

Experian only informed Information Regulator months after hack

The Information Regulator cannot disclose the contents of Experian’s breach report to the public because it does not want to jeopardise the investigation.

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