Feb 14, 2019

Cloud predictions for 2019 and beyond

As we enter the third phase of cloud adoption, only 50% of global applications will run on public cloud as private clouds gain more traction, says Cloudistics.

Feb 12, 2019

Private cloud 3.0 is here

Poised to be the third wave of the cloud revolution, private cloud 3.0will be adopted by forward-thinking organisations, says Cloudistics.


The hyperscale opportunity is 'overblown'

The future of cloud computing is not what you think, says Dr Jai Menon, chief scientist at Cloudistics.

Jun 12, 2018

Latency issues cloud the public cloud experience

The next-generation private cloud experience, in the form of Cloudistics, offers unprecedented speed and performance over the public cloud, says Securicom.


Cloud is nice, but local is 'lekker'

Data ownership in the cloud is a complicated issue, says Douw Gerber, Business Development Manager, Cloud Services at Securicom.


Securicom brings Cloudistics to SA

Cloudistics is an on-premises cloud that provides for virtualisation, compute, network and storage, natively and imbedded, on one platform.


Public cloud versus hybrid, multi-cloud solutions?

ITWeb Events spoke to Dr Jai Menon, Cloudistics, about whether public cloud will bring real savings to your enterprise, or whether the answer is hybrid, multi-cloud solutions.

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