Cyber Crimes and Cyber Security Bill

Cyber Crimes and Cyber Security Bill still open to abuse

With the 28 July cut-off date around the corner, the proposed law still harbours some unintended consequences.

May 24, 2017

Cyber Crimes Bill still makes criminals of most of us

This law is analogous to banning knives because they could be used in the commission of a crime, writes Ivo Vegter.


Every business is a digital business

As more devices become `sensorised', connected and intelligent, cyber risk is no longer only an IT or industry-specific issue, says lawyer Nerushka Bowan.


'Practical' Cyber Security Bill must speed up

The Cyber Crimes and Cyber Security Bill is clearer and needs to be passed into law quickly, says BDO SA.


Internet control, freedom hangs in the balance

Government insists the Cyber Security Bill will not empower it to control the Internet but others see it as a power grab to clamp down on South African cyberspace.


Cyber Security Bill heads to Parliament

After being approved by Cabinet last December, the controversial Bill will soon be tabled in Parliament.

Dec 12, 2016

Cyber Security Bill gets Cabinet nod

Cabinet approves the introduction of the national Cyber Crimes and Cyber Security Bill.


How the cyber security Bill affects telcos

ITWeb's Ansie Vicente spoke to Michael Bafatakis, GM for Architecture and Security at Neotel, about? the Cyber Crimes and Cyber Security Bill.

Jul 6, 2016

SA cyber security laws must be 'modernised'

A single, comprehensive cyber security law will more effectively deal with cyber crime, says BDO's Graham Croock.


Cyber security Bill has been 'mishandled'

Attorney Mark Heyink believes information security specialists need to be involved in the drafting of the controversial Bill.


Calls to bin cyber security Bill

The Bill is open to abuse by the security cluster and threatens the democratic spirit of the Internet, say industry players.


Bill co-ordinates SA's cyber security approach

The Cyber Crimes and Cyber Security Bill aims to give SA a co-ordinated approach to cyber security.

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