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Free Market Foundation wants temporary spectrum to stay

Withdrawing temporary spectrum would violate ICASA’s constitutional obligations and may lead to protracted litigation, warns the Free Market Foundation.


Spectrum policy flaws ‘will alienate millions of South Africans’

The spectrum policy is impaired by fundamental failures, which will rob millions of South Africans of crucial digital services, says the Free Market Foundation.


Citizens reject 'Internet Censorship Act’, threaten court action

A public campaign on the draft Films and Publications Amendment Regulations attracts nearly 14 000 comments, with the majority rejecting it with contempt.


SA in for nasty surprise if 'Internet Censorship Act’ is enacted

As the Films and Publications Amendment Act edges closer to being operative, legal bodies warn of legal action if its regulations are not amended.

Aug 12, 2020

Draft 5G tower policy threatens property rights in SA

Civic organisations and market watchers say the draft policy, which allows licensees to erect 5G towers on private property, may infringe on constitutional rights.


Free Market Foundation calls for more spectrum, defends telcos

The liberal think tank says recent recommendations by the Competition Commission for the operators to cut data prices by half are misplaced.


ECA Amendment Bill comment period extended

The telecoms department extends the period for public consultation on the Electronic Communications Act Amendment Bill until 31 January 2018.


DTPS, ICT industry discuss ECA Amendment Bill

The Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services has met with industry players to explain the rationale behind provisions contained in the Bill.


Govt's 'radical' ICT policy treads on uncharted ground

The National Integrated ICT Policy White Paper could turn the telecoms sector on its head, says an industry analyst.


Who drives cheaper data costs?

The jury is still out on who has the authority to bring about the realisation of #DataMustFall, but there is consensus that regulators have a significant role.


Data costs must stand, for now

The Free Market Foundation challenges flawed public opinion on the #DataMustFall movement.

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