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Motorists get option to pay online to renew car licences

The Road Traffic Management Corporation joins forces with FNB to offer a service that allows motorists to renew and pay for their licence discs online.


Corruption leads to backlogs in online licence booking system

The transport minister confirms initial investigations show corruption is the reason online booking slots have been unavailable at various Gauteng Driving Licence Testing Centres.


RTMC to utilise drones to identify road hazards

The Department of Transport confirms the Road Traffic Management Corporation, the national traffic law enforcement agency, will invest in drone technology.


Traffic officers to be kitted out with bodycams to curb bribery

Ahead of the Easter period, the Department of Transport will today introduce body-worn cameras to be used by traffic officers.


Driving schools want online licence booking system scrapped

Members of the National Driving School Association of SA say the online drivers' licence booking system is inefficient and crippled by corruption.


ICT Tenders – Technology highway

This week’s National Tender Bulletin sees the country's road entities looking to upgrade their technology.


Online slots for driver's licence few and far between

Despite an online driving licence booking service, some Gauteng motorists are growing frustrated with the process to renew their driver's licences.


Driving licence applications to go online

The Road Traffic Management Corporation plans to introduce an online system to allow the public to secure bookings at vehicle driving licensing centres.


Government to keep control of eNatis

The Constitutional Court dismisses Tasima's application to hang on to the vehicle registration system, signalling an end to the years-long legal battle over management of eNatis.

Feb 15, 2017

ConCourt delivers final blow to Tasima

The Road Traffic Management Corporation will operate eNatis following the court's decision to dismiss attempts to stop the transfer management process.


DOT slammed over Tasima payments

The underlying deal allowing Tasima to run eNatis is being probed.

Jul 17, 2012

E-toll fine quota 'misconstrued'

Officers in the National Traffic Police Unit have allegedly been instructed to issue 15 fines each per shift.

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