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Justice dept shakes off ransomware attack

The department says it has made considerable progress in restoring services and minimising the risk of further disruptions.


1 200 files compromised in justice dept ransomware attack

The files include the names, banking details and contact details of those who have submitted personal information to the department.


Justice dept rubbishes ransom demand claims after cyber attack

The department strongly denies reports that hackers demanded a R33 million ransom, following a ransomware attack on its IT systems.


Justice dept cyber attack spills over to Info Regulator

The ransomware attack on the Department of Justice’s IT systems spreads to infect all electronic services provided by the Information Regulator.

Sep 10, 2021

Justice department battles to contain ransomware attack

The attack results in all of the department’s information systems being encrypted and unavailable to internal employees, as well as members of the public.


SA’s govt entities under attack as space agency hit by data breach

The South African National Space Agency becomes the latest government entity to suffer a cyber attack, after its data was dumped in the public domain.

Oct 2, 2019

Service desk agents in battle with EOH over non-payment

The employees allege the IT services company has not paid them their salaries since May.


Fake news too hot to handle for Cyber Crimes Bill

The section that makes fake news a crime has been removed from the final version of the Cyber Crimes Bill.


Revised cyber crimes Bill irons out sticking points

Many concerns have been addressed in the revised Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill.


'Practical' Cyber Security Bill must speed up

The Cyber Crimes and Cyber Security Bill is clearer and needs to be passed into law quickly, says BDO SA.


Internet control, freedom hangs in the balance

Government insists the Cyber Security Bill will not empower it to control the Internet but others see it as a power grab to clamp down on South African cyberspace.


Cyber Security Bill heads to Parliament

After being approved by Cabinet last December, the controversial Bill will soon be tabled in Parliament.

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