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Call to download COVID-19 alert app as restrictions ease

President Cyril Ramaphosa urges citizens to download the COVID Alert SA app to help government identify and contain outbreaks before they spread further.


Vodacom zero-rates COVID Alert SA app on its network

The mobile operator backs the government-endorsed COVID-19 contact-tracing app by enabling zero-rated access for its customers.


Govt app looks to prevent second wave of COVID-19 infections

The health department unveils the COVID Alert SA app in the hopes to combat a second wave of infections of the deadly virus.


COVID-19 centres get high-speed broadband boost

Government partners Internet service providers and telcos to provide 480 critical health centres with fast broadband connectivity.


Government tweaks COVID-19 track and trace laws

The changes to the database regulations indicate the importance placed on the protection of the public’s right to privacy, says Webber Wentzel.

May 15, 2020

Citizens turn to GovChat to find COVID-19 resources

The citizen engagement platform sees a spike in use, as citizens search for their closest COVID-19 public or private testing stations, or COVID-19 test results.


USSD, WhatsApp self-assessment launched to chart coronavirus

The Department of Health introduces HealthCheck, a digital tool for citizens to self-assess their COVID-19 risk.


Large-scale rollout of pharmacy lockers

The health department and Right ePharmacy fast-track Collect & Go smart lockers, to facilitate chronic medication collection during lockdown.


SA public can share COVID-19 views online

Stats SA introduces an online survey to determine the impact of the coronavirus on the local population.

Apr 9, 2020

ACS-Embrace develops, shares free copy and paste link to help SA SMEs comply with COVID-19 Web site regulations

Proudly South African ACS-Embrace develops a free, accessible, responsive banner, enabling users to add the COVID-19 portal to their landing pages.

Apr 7, 2020

uKheshe, Africa Assist provide COVID-19 hotline

The micro-payments provider collaborates with the medical assistance firm to bring critical information about coronavirus, by phone, to users.


Government establishes COVID-19 tracing database, quells spying fears

Although it will track and trace, via cellphones, those people who may have been exposed to coronavirus, government says their rights will be safeguarded.

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