Modern networks are the key to the workplace of the future

Remote working and mobility is on the rise, driving organisations to empower their teams with dynamic workspaces and tools, says Dimension Data.

29 Aug

Eclipse Foundation joins Call for Code

The Eclipse Foundation has become the latest organisation to throw its weight behind the Call for Code Global open source initiative


BPM essential for innovation

In today's digital world, businesses that don't innovate, will stagnate or die. BPM can and should be the driving force behind innovation.

Apr 19, 2018

SUSE Expert Days in CT, Joburg this May

Presentations at this free-to-attend event will focus on technology topics centred on the 2018 theme: Open. Redefined.

Apr 19, 2018

Africa's top IT markets experience cloud benefits differently

This was a key finding of the Cloud Africa 2018 report, which World Wide Worx conducted on behalf of F5 Networks.

Nov 7, 2017

Fine line between disruption and innovation

HouseME CEO Ben Shaw discussed the differences at the ITWeb Digital Economy 2017 summit yesterday.


Dreaming the future of Africa

Emerging technologies can give society the ability to solve some of its most urgent problems.

Oct 31, 2017

Ride-sharing drivers to surge globally

The number of ride-sharing drivers is set to reach an average growth of 14.8% annually, says a Juniper report.


Alkema urges business execs to help fix SA education

Peter Alkema, CIO of business banking at FNB, says we need the next generation of thinking inside our borders.


CIOs must be schizophrenic: take orders and lead the way

Almost 60% of CIOs now have a seat on the executive board, but only 30% are seen as drivers of innovation, the 2017 Brainstorm CIO Survey finds.

Oct 25, 2017

African innovation hubs, the next weekend hangouts

TransUnion CEO Lee Naik discusses the eclipse of corporate innovation models in favour of the disruptive "Grand Geek" approach.


Why innovation is better in Africa

ITWeb Events spoke to Stuff magazine's Toby Shapshak about his upcoming presentation at the ITWeb Industry Tech Update 2017 event in October.?