23 Jun

Dodge ransomware – learn to spot a phish

With uSecure, cyber attacks can be simulated to help identify at-risk users and learn how susceptible they are to ultra-targeted spear-phishing campaigns, says Douw Gerber, business development manager at Securicom.

Jun 3, 2020

Employees the first line of defence against cyber crime

uSecure, a managed service offering from Securicom, transforms user behaviour and reduces the human error risk to cyber attacks.


Securicom named Fortinet Expert

The company becomes one of only four in Africa to achieve this level on the global developer’s stringent MSSP Partner Programme.

Sep 9, 2019

Users still the weakest link in IT security

Most employees in the average corporate can work on the move, using their devices and processing company data from wherever they are, says Michael Morton, solutions architect at Securicom.

Aug 19, 2019

Protection against APTs is everyone's business

With Securicom’s advanced threat protection solution, every incoming e-mail is treated as suspicious, says Michael Morton, solutions architect at Securicom.

Aug 2, 2019

Times and threats have changed but anti-spam is still a 'thing'

Anti-spam engines now rely on AI, global detection sensors and networks to combat new, more sophisticated forms of spam, says Michael Morton, Solutions Architect at Securicom.

Oct 8, 2018

Securicom appoints MD

Richard Broeke, who has held the position of GM at the company for the past three years, takes the helm as MD.

Jun 12, 2018

Latency issues cloud the public cloud experience

The next-generation private cloud experience, in the form of Cloudistics, offers unprecedented speed and performance over the public cloud, says Securicom.


Securicom reduces data centre footprint with Cloudistics

It has managed to reduce the server footprint in its data centre from two 42U cabinets to a single 6U space consumed by a Cloudistics appliance, says Douw Gerber, Business Development Manager, Cloud Services at Securicom.


Cloud is nice, but local is 'lekker'

Data ownership in the cloud is a complicated issue, says Douw Gerber, Business Development Manager, Cloud Services at Securicom.


Securicom brings Cloudistics to SA

Cloudistics is an on-premises cloud that provides for virtualisation, compute, network and storage, natively and imbedded, on one platform.


Two-factor authentication should be a staple

However, an alarming number of companies rely on single factor authentication such as passwords exclusively, says Securicom.

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