Jul 11, 2019

Crucial step in SKA construction complete

A consortium tasked with planning the assembly, integration and verification of the radio telescope has completed its work.


Quantum computing can solve some SKA problems, says IBM

The company says quantum computing promises to solve physics simulation and pattern discovery problems relevant to the SKA.


SKA gets ability to monitor sky in unprecedented detail

An international consortium has completed the engineering design work of the Square Kilometre Array's science data processor.


Young South Africans chosen to use MeerKAT telescope

The South African Radio Astronomy Observatory selects local projects that will use the MeerKAT radio telescope in the Northern Cape.


Environmental licence for SKA phase one gets green light

Government gazettes the environmental policy that makes way for phase one construction of the Square Kilometre Array project.


SKA team completes key infrastructure designs

The Square Kilometre Array team completes all essential infrastructure designs required for the first phase of the radio telescope project.


SA astronomers go open source for massive MeerKAT data

The South African Radio Astronomy Observatory will use open source technology to store and retrieve the huge volumes of data from the MeerKAT radio telescope.


SKA initiative upskills students as data scientists

The Square Kilometre Array's human capital programme facilitates the development of 127 bright minds to participate in data management projects.


New HIRAX telescope to explore dark energy, radio flashes

SA launches HIRAX, a multimillion-rand radio telescope that will help the country take the lead in the new age of radio astronomy and scientific exploration.

Jul 27, 2018

French connection for SKA project

A group of French research institutes becomes the 12th member of the Square Kilometre Array.

Apr 12, 2018

MeerKAT picks up rare activity from exotic star

The radio telescope demonstrates outstanding capabilities as a new instrument for scientific exploration.

Mar 23, 2018

New facility to unlock big data at SKA

Local astronomers can now explore their data and find answers to some of the biggest questions about the universe.

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