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SAM simplifies cloud migration

A partner that offers software asset management alongside cloud migration services enables a smoother transition to cloud and eliminates potential overspending, says Matthew Poulter, SAM business manager at First Technology National.


Now that we have demystified HCI, where do we start?

In order for hyper-converged infrastructure to succeed, companies need to fully understand the current IT environment and future business needs, says Eugene Maritz, services director at First Technology National.


Demystifying software asset management

Software asset management helps businesses to know what they have, what they are using and how best to apply their software licences, says Matthew Poulter, SAM business unit manager at First Technology National.


Demystifying hyper-converged infrastructure

HCI leverages software to enable a single server to do the work of multiple traditional servers, says Eugene Maritz, services director at First Technology National.


First Technology National becomes first local Cloudamize partner

First Technology leverages automated analytics to improve the speed and accuracy of its public cloud migration services.

Feb 9, 2018

First Technology National partners with Cloudamize

The platform provides the automation and in-depth insights needed to migrate to the public cloud more quickly, says First Technology National.


First Technology National introduces archiving-as-a-service solution

This ensures workloads are optimised, complexities and costs of cloud migration are mitigated, and post-migration operations are managed securely, the company says.


First Technology National launches data backup/archiving as a service

The solution helps South African organisations of all sizes capitalise on the transformational advantages of moving one's data to FirstNet's local public cloud.

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