ITWeb Security Summit 2019

How vulnerable is South Africa to cyber attack?

The situation is "pretty shocking" when it comes to SA's vulnerability, warns cyber security expert Craig Rosewarne.


The dawn of the 'terrorbit era'

Internet of things devices are attacked within five minutes of being plugged into the Web, says Netscout.


The four pillars of effective threat management

Businesses should focus on building full-cycle capabilities around people, processes and technologies for each security function.


Sensitive data discovery explained

Zenith Systems will share with ITWeb Security Summit delegates how the Spirion sensitive data tool provides a holistic view of sensitive data.


Cyber law and governance in the cyber crime age

Most legislation regarding cyberspace falls within the ambit of privacy or criminal law, but it remains a challenge when nation states are involved.


Networks Unlimited Africa to demystify 'next-gen' security

The ITWeb Security Summit diamond sponsor is hosting a panel discussion to help companies combat the rising sophistication of security threats.


Proper cyber hygiene critical across all industries

When positioning security culture, dialogue and collaboration are key, so make employees part of the solution, says SecureMySocial.


Find, quarantine phishing e-mails faster with Cofense Vision

The company's newest solution for protecting organisational assets from phishing attacks is now available in SA from Networks Unlimited Africa.


Calling all CISOs to tell it like it is

You've got till the end of this week to add your input to SA's definitive cyber security survey.


Building cross-functional security teams

Isolating teams and thinking these teams can handle security by themselves is a mistake, warns CompTIA's chief technology evangelist.


Understanding the NIST Cyber Security Framework

Improving cyber security capabilities goes hand-in-hand with a significant investment, says Mobius Consulting.


ITWeb Security Summit diamond sponsor previews its customer theatre

Networks Unlimited Africa lines up an array of speakers and topics from among its vendor partners for its customer theatre at ITWeb Security Summit 2019.

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