Houlin Zhao
Dec 11, 2018

Africa sees strong Internet growth

For the first time, more than half of the world's population is now using the Internet, but only a quarter of those in Africa, according to the ITU.


ITU study quantifies economic value of digital tech

Policy-makers across the ITU membership will have a blueprint to measure the economic impact of broadband technologies.

Sep 11, 2018

Digital divide still persists in many countries

The challenge of connecting people living in rural and remote areas to the Internet persists in many countries, says the ITU.


Artificial intelligence in healthcare framework in the works

Two United Nations organisations join forces to establish a standards framework on how to leverage artificial intelligence-powered tech in the health sector.


World's e-waste levels on the rise

Despite recycling interventions, global electronic waste continues to grow, with expectations of further increases over the next three years.


Broadband accelerates development

The UN Commission's state of broadband access report highlights broadband's increasingly important role in helping communities improve their livelihoods.


Mobile broadband subscriptions surge

Global mobile subscriptions have grown over 20% annually in the last five years and are expected to reach 4.3?billion this year.


ITU forms global e-waste statistics partnership

The main objective of the International Telecommunication Union partnership is to improve and collect worldwide e-waste statistics.


Initiative intends to increase global digital equity

The "Digital Skills for Decent Jobs Campaign" seeks to encourage the global community to provide youth worldwide with digital skills training.


ITU makes its decision-making procedures transparent

A new access to information policy makes ITU documents and decision-making procedures available online.


Don't panic about SA's ICT ranking dip

The country's slip in the global ICT development rankings does not spell disaster, says ITU official Cosmas Zavazava.

Sep 12, 2016

ITU adopts smart sustainable city KPIs

Policymakers sign the 'Montevideo Declaration', aiming to unlock the potential of ICT for sustainable urbanisation.

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