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SA organisations commit to responsible use of AI

A transdisciplinary initiative intends to promote the responsible use of AI and establish an ethical framework with regulation and standards for the technology.


UJ develops 3D-printed ventilator to treat multiple patients

Engineers at the university develop portable 3D-printed mechanical ventilators that have a customisable base plate to treat multiple patients.


Udok Launches Online Doctor Consultations 

In a boost for future accountants, the University of Johannesburg says it is the first local university to offer Xero cloud accounting courses to students.


Student body, lecturers oppose e-learning approach, demand halt

University representatives put mounting pressure on government to delay e-learning, claiming the digital divide robs many students of a fair and equal learning opportunity.


Aspen donates tablet devices worth R2.4m to UP students

The pharmaceutical company donates 600 tablet devices to support students from the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Pretoria.

Apr 29, 2020

UJ designs open source, cheap ventilators to fight COVID-19

The University of Johannesburg team, led by Dr Deon Sabatta and Dr Samson Masebinu, identified several simple, safe and scalable open source designs.

Apr 21, 2020

E-learning gains further momentum as support grows

In a bid to help people enhance their skills during the lockdown and maintain social distancing, more firms work to boost virtual learning initiatives.


Wits, UJ offer students 30GB data bundle to study online

In an effort to assist students, institutions of higher learning and telcos step up efforts to ensure virtual learning is a reality.


University’s 3D-printed surgical face shields help medical staff

As the world experiences a shortage of medical protective gear, the University of Johannesburg’s Library Makerspace uses 3D printing to develop surgical shields.


UJ develops e-device to monitor health conditions

The e-mutakalo device automatically detects problems and alerts medical staff in the event of an emergency.


Getting 4IR off the ground

UJ's Professor Tshilidzi Marwala, deputy chair of the Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, talks 4IR, AI, the public sector and education.


UJ suspends biometrics as coronavirus spreads

The university sets plans in motion to suspend its biometric access control system from 12 March until further notice.

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