Robotic process automation
8 Feb

Everyone to own a digital assistant in future

The current proliferation rate ofdigital personal assistants will result in one robot for every person in the future, says UiPath.


Bots are yesterday's news

We've been saying the robots are coming for a while; now they're here and they're thinking for themselves.


White paper: Logistics providers automate costly manual processes

Companies are using robotic process automation to drive efficiencies and improve operations.

Nov 28, 2018

White paper: Six-step starter kit to implementing robotic process automation

It's time to move on from manual processes to a software solution that can digitally transform the way you work.

Oct 31, 2018

White paper: Multiply financial processing efficiency with robotic process automation

How can robotic process automation benefit your company's accounting department?


Bots set to multi-task in SA's insurance sector

Robotic process automation will make waves in the insurance market, offering cost savings, efficiencies and improved risk management.


RPA: Automate work that no one wants to, or should do

Robotic process automation allows people to staff to focus on tasks that truly need human intervention.

Sep 14, 2018

Viewpoint: Robotic process automation surpasses expectations

Ocular Technologies CEO Pommie Lutchman discusses the value of robotic process automation in the contact centre.


Robots in the workplace

Robotic process automation is bringing content intelligence to business.


What's the big (data) idea?

Intelligent Process Automation sounds like some fancy, made-up term from a science fiction movie, but it is actually revolutionary.


The digital transformation journey: Phase three

Laserfiche's Robotic Process Automation can be configured to perform almost any business process. [Local rep: Noscotek]

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