Training and e-learning

Naspers invests in edtech start-up Brainly

Naspers pumps funding into the global educational technology platform to help fuel its US expansion and further develop its platform.


To what degree?

People who have had successful ICT careers but have taken very different paths to get there, share their stories.


Emerging trends call for new ICT skills

The rapid rise in new trends is leading to a huge shortage of IT professionals with the correct mix of skills. At the same time, poor education and a lack of awareness around ICT hamper skills growth.


Florida passes online learning bill

The bill allows the Florida Virtual School to expand part-time course offerings to children in kindergarten through third grade.


US students get IT training

Microsoft partners with Washington state to provide technology education from computer basics to high-level programming.


Online training tackles sexual abuse

It is hope the initiative will help to prevent lifetime abuse of children by assailants.


Business shuns performance management

Most organisations do not have any performance management systems in place, a survey has discovered.


Going beyond training

Coaching and mentoring are vital for the success of business analysts.


E-learning helps sports players

In this training and e-learning World Wide Wrap: E-learning helps sports players, Wales turns libraries into e-learning sites, learning technologies summit this week, and universal access to Jamaican schools.

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