Robinson Distribution partners with Smarsh Archiving

The Smarsh product offers an archive solution in one central system with the ability to search and cross-reference across all channels, says Robinson Distribution.

Tech plays pivotal role in regulatory compliance

Feb 22, 2017

Automating reporting systems simplifies the management information process, allowing easy management of reports, says Deloitte's Candice Holland.

How to deal with compliance challenges

Before opting for a?call recording solution - regardless of whether it is on-site or cloud-based - SMEs must ensure it is fully compliant, says Matthew Balcomb, CEO of Call Cabinet Southern Africa.

Ensure compliance through effective assessment

Tools like Questionmark Perception enable companies to gain company-wide views of compliance-related initiatives, activities and status, says Bytes People Solutions.

Financial Intelligence Act combats money-laundering

Oct 15, 2002

The new Financial Intelligence Centre Act addresses money-laundering head-on for the first time in SA, says Bill Hoggarth, MD of SAS Institute SA.