Service Level Agreements

SLAs - the onus is on you

Since ultimate accountability doesn't rest with the service provider, top management needs to take an active role in the company's SLAs.


Outsourcing not 'one size fits all'

Outsourcing services must be tailored to meet the dynamic individual needs of each client, says Gerrit-Jan Albers, service delivery manager at RDB Consulting.


Not all SLAs are created equal

Adopting a more analytical approach to service level management can go a long way to making sure businesses are making the right decisions when managing cost-efficient service levels, says Brent Flint, services executive: Dimension Data MEA.


Defining and managing the perfect SLA

In this intensely competitive and lucrative market, service level agreements (SLAs) can easily make or break large accounts, says Eric Jorgensen, Micromuse continent director for Africa.


Improving service level agreements

The management of service level agreements can improve customer satisfaction, says Shamiel Bhikha, senior consultant at Computer Associates.

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