Business process management

Solving the legacy conundrum with BPM

Business process management can help companies leverage their investment in legacy technology as part of their digitalisation journey.


BPM as a differentiator

Organisations are seeking ways to become more productive than they have ever done before, says Rainer Gaier, MD at Ovations Group.


BPM affected by the tides

Enterprises are still hesitant to embrace new-age technologies such as cloud-based applications and social networking, says Rashel Stevenson, BPM lead at Ovations Group.


BPM as a force for good

Business process management implementations are thin on the ground in SA - that doesn't mean they haven't had an impact.


Using BPM to manage risk

Companies are using BPM solutions to change the way they process, manage and measure work, says Tim Stanley, regional sales director, Africa, at Global 360.


Creating continuous business improvement

Business process change technology must be technology agnostic, says Theodoor van Donge, CTO at Cordys.



It's more than just managing transactions.


But what can BPM do?

There's a big gap between theory and practice, particularly when it comes to management disciplines.


BPM is a boardroom issue

A combination of customer-centricity and process-centricity equals increased revenue, says Mark McGregor, guest speaker and BPM 'guru' at Global360.


BPM: Opportunity knocks?

BPM has excellent potential to add value to business. It just needs to be explained properly.


Red Man talks BPM

Splitting business and process logic essential for business flexibility


Bringing clarity to business processes

Business process management solutions are an essential component of the technology infrastructure, says Gareth Holton, business analyst at nVisionIT.

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