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2 hours ago

SA makes headway with COVID-19 track and trace system

Telkom partners with the CSIR and Institute of Communicable Diseases to develop a coronavirus track and trace system.


WHO brings coronavirus facts to WhatsApp

The World Health Organisation’s facts about COVID-19 are now accessible to billions via popular messaging platform, WhatsApp.

20 Mar

WhatsApp is top information source for COVID-19 in Africa

A survey shows South Africans, Kenyans and Nigerians refer to social media for coronavirus information, noting WhatsApp as the primary source.

20 Mar

Acer provides e-learning tools amid COVID-19

The computer company empowers students and teachers to continue the learning process during the coronavirus outbreak.


Digital economy companies take a punch as COVID-19 spreads

Analysts weigh in on the impact of coronavirus on digital economy firms, stressing the need for aggressive awareness and communication to sustain the businesses.


ICASA steps up fight against spread of COVID-19

The authority reviews how it conducts its business, suspends all public hearings, local and international travel.   


SAP co-founder holding aces in COVID-19 vaccination

CureVac, a company owned by Dietmar Hopp, is reportedly making good progress in the development of a vaccine for the coronavirus.


Facebook pulls shocking coronavirus ads in SA

The firm prohibits ads for products that refer to the coronavirus in ways intended to create a panic, or imply their products guarantee a cure.


Coronavirus pandemic will be defining moment for the Internet

The Internet shows its prowess, becoming of greater and pivotal assistance as COVID-19 poses an increasing threat to the world’s health and productivity.

9 Mar

SXSW cancelled as coronavirus continues to spread

South by Southwest joins the list of large global tech events to be cancelled amid the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus.


Facebook joins coronavirus fight

The social media giant runs free adverts for the World Health Organisation, which share credible and accurate information about the coronavirus.


Is your company prepared for the coronavirus?

Companies should consider the direct and indirect impacts of the pandemic when evaluating whether they are prepared for the coronavirus, says Padma Naidoo, GM: Advisory Services at ContinuitySA.

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