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Data-Driven AIOps

A complimentary Executive Webinar brought to you by IBM in conjunction with ITWeb

In a world where every business conducts most – if not all - of its operations through technological innovations and platforms, it has increasingly become important for organisations to be able to speedily detect incidents in order to effectively assess, diagnose and resolve them. With the influx of data and the advent of data driven digital transformation, enterprises are turning to new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence in order to achieve effective and efficient IT operations management, AIOps.

IBM, in conjunction with ITWeb, presented a pair of webinar sessions focusing on achieving new levels of efficiency and resiliency in your IT operations by reducing downtime and solving intricate issues swiftly. During these webinars, we explored how AIOps enables IT Ops teams to accurately detect and diagnose both application and IT infrastructure related incidents in order to keep the systems always on.

Issues discussed!

We learnt how to thrive in today’s dynamic business climate by achieving new levels of efficiency and resiliency in your IT operations;

How to reduce monitoring time and resolve complex problems quickly, so that your teams can focus on more mission-critical issues;

We explore how to avoid notification fatigue with intelligent alert grouping;

How to augment your current environment with AI that easily integrates with best-in-class IT monitoring and ChatOps tools;

How to place AI at the core of your IT operations and apply it across all business workflows to converge application and infrastructure management; and

How to augment CIO workflows by utilising data from across your whole IT landscape.

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