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Date: 22 September 2020

Time: 10:00-11:30 (GMT+2)

Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Innovation enhanced service delivery in the health sector

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According to the National Digital Health Strategy for South Africa, 2019 – 2024, South Africa has fully embraced the potential of digital health technologies to improve the quality and coverage of healthcare, increase access to services and skills, and promote positive changes in health behaviours to prevent the onset of acute and chronic diseases.

The extensive involvement and use of technology being displayed in the war against viral and chronic diseases has not only set the scene for digital health to have a larger contribution towards our health and well-being but it has also exhibited the strength of public and private sector collaborations in the realisation of a better health system for all.

As a follow up to the rolling out of the AWS survey and webinar, which explored the cloud landscape in Africa and the investment in the AWS Africa (Cape Town) Region. The AWS Healthcare Webinar will explore how the progress to achieving South Africa’s national health goals can be enhanced by improving government capacity to interact with the private sector in areas such as procurement, contracting and performance management. It will also evaluate how transparent collaboration between the public and the private sectors can lead to the development and innovative use of new and emerging technologies, such as cloud, mobile phones and new diagnostics, in the efficient delivery of health services.

Join us at this webinar to learn more about how the rapidly changing technological landscape, presents great opportunities for innovation in the health sector.

Innovation enhanced service delivery in the health sector.

  • Learn how to employ new technologies to provide health services to all communities;
  • The importance of creating integrated digital platforms for the development of health information systems; and
  • The crucial role of public and private sector partnerships in the improvement of innovation and service delivery in the health sector.

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