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Just in time: SASRIA’s
response to the recent riots
A webinar by Guidewire and Hyland

13 October 2021 I Online

An ITWeb Webinar brought to you
in partnership with Guidewire and Hyland

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Date: 13 October 2021

Time: 10:00 (GMT+2)

Duration: 1 hour

Just in time: hear how SASRIA replaced its legacy system with an advanced, automated IT system which helped it respond to the recent riots.

In a Black Swan event such as the recent unrest in South Africa, insurers need the right software, processes and data in place to manage high claims volumes efficiently.

Guidewire and Hyland invite you to this webinar to explore how SASRIA managed to ride the storm of the recent riots.

Hear SASRIA’s remarkable just-in-time modernisation journey, and learn how accessing higher quality, enriched data allowed management to better understand their end-customer requirements to make informed and rapid decisions through embedded analytical insights.

You will also discover how empowering their agents and mutual partners through improved visibility of information resulted in faster claims management response; and find out how SASRIA can now position itself as a modern insurer that can leverage emerging technologies, including Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Why should you attend?

Hear how SASRIA, with the support of Guidewire, rose to the challenge of the recent riots

Learn from Hyland the benefits of an intelligent content management system

Discover how empowering agents and partners through improved visibility of information resulted in faster claims management response

Get a look at the future of insurance: What’s next?

Who should attend?

If you are a business or IT decision maker from the short-term insurance sector across Africa, this event is for you!

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Introduction and Welcome

Nastassia Arendse , Financial Journalist


SASRIA’s just in time journey

Themba Sibiya , Strategy Manager, Sasria


Guidewire’s role in supporting SASRIA’s business objectives

René Schoenauer , Director, EMEA Product Marketing


Hyland: benefits and practical examples of how an intelligent content management system supports companies like SASRIA

Kyle Blair , Director of the Global Insurance Practice, Hyland Software


Round table discussion: modernising the insurance sector, the importance of pre-integrated solutions to outperform others, and the challenges, impacts and benefits of managing unstructured data assets.

René Schoenauer , Director, EMEA Product Marketing

Kyle Blair , Director of the Global Insurance Practice, Hyland Software

Themba Sibiya , Strategy Manager, Sasria


Q & A

Nastassia Arendse , Financial Journalist


Closing remarks

Nastassia Arendse , Financial Journalist

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