Exciting times for open source

The adoption of open source software continues unabated.

Post-pandemic printer pains

Are printers staggering to an aged end, tottering to the ink-drenched finish line? Or are they still a business necessity?

Squaring SITA

Tired of fruitless turnaround strategies at the State IT Agency, interim CEO, Luvuyo Keyise, is working to address the agency’s challenges from the ground up.

The tech behind the TV screen

Powered by cloud, AI and machine learning, digital transformation at Africa’s largest broadcaster, MultiChoice, is embedded in everything it does.

Kirsten Doyle Jul 12, 2022

Reimagining skills for 4IR

As we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there’s a drastic need to rethink our approach to the skills and talent needed.

Tamsin Oxford Jul 5, 2022

It’s all about the space

Enterprise storage isn’t boring; it’s an interesting area that’s in constant flux to keep up with digital and data demand.

Joanne Carew Jun 29, 2022

The power and promise of immersive learning

Through virtual simulations of real-world scenarios, immersive learning makes it possible to teach someone in a safe and engaging environment.

Joanne Carew Jun 21, 2022

Say hello to Equiano

Set to arrive in Cape Town in July, Google’s Equiano subsea cable will establish a new high-capacity connection between Europe and Africa.

Kirsten Doyle Jun 14, 2022

Keys to the kingdom

Identity and access management are a core principle of ensuring a robust cybersecurity framework.

Tamsin Oxford Jun 7, 2022

HCI: Your cloud journey starts here

If everything the business needs is inside one preconfigured box, will this guarantee easy deployment and scalable capability, or is it just another box of tech?

Joanne Carew May 24, 2022

Tech transformation

Marrying the old and the new and finding the right skills to enable your IT plans is critical to modern business success.

Joanne Carew May 17, 2022

Of cupcakes and sharks

Discovery Bank’s business model is all about using incentives to get people to make better financial decisions. Head of client insights, Akash Dowra, tells us more.

Tamsin Oxford May 10, 2022

The unknown number

Public cloud may be famously ubiquitous and flexible, but it’s also becoming well known for unexpected costs and budget overruns.