Since launching its AWS Africa (Cape Town) Region in 2020, AWS has brought cloud superstructure to enable growth, digital transformation and innovation closer to South African businesses. To showcase progress and development in the adoption of cloud and how it has spurred new and cutting-edge innovations that tackle some of South Africa’s greatest challenges AWS has been collaborating with ITWeb in a series of virtual events. And now, an exciting new hybrid format provides a forum where key stakeholders, from the public sector, national, provincial and local governments and other organisations can share their strategies and initiatives to foster private and public sector collaboration in achieving their outcomes, spring-boarding organizational, economic, social growth and impact in the country.

The series will take an in-depth look at the following:

  • How cloud technologies are enhancing business processes while reducing operational costs;
  • How customers are using AWS Cloud infrastructure to spur organisational, economic and social growth in the country;
  • How home grown innovations and technological solutions built on AWS cloud infrastructure continue to grow and innovate and
  • How cloud technology enhances security, data privacy and sovereignty.
Event 1: Driving innovation and growth with cloud technologies

AWS Cloud Technology 2022 Series 1
Driving innovation and growth with cloud technologies in South Africa
Thursday 5 May 2022, 16:00