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  • Thu, 29 Sep, 15:32:17 PM
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Telcos say expiry rules help them to utilise network capacity more efficiently and better predict likely data traffic on their networks.
Telcos say expiry rules help them to utilise network capacity more efficiently and better predict likely data traffic on their networks.
Telcos defend data expiry

Operators say they are following the law in terms of the expiry of data bundles, after ICASA announced plans to look into the practice.

SA teen wins Google science grand prize

South African teen Kiara Nirghin won the grand prize for her 'No More Thirsty Crops' innovation.

Sixteen-year-old Kiara Nirghin scoops R682 000 at the Google Science Fair, beating competition from 107 countries.

MTN reconnects 44 000 customers after 'billing issue'

MTN says all impacted customers are now able to be make calls, upgrade and add services.

The telco says thousands of accounts were suspended "erroneously" but that the system has now been restored.

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Furore over Pick n Pay's self-service tills

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PayGate acquired by East African payments firm

The companies merge, targeting expansion in the $50 billion African e-commerce market.

Judgement in spectrum case expected Friday

A ruling on the court battle between the DTPS and ICASA over the regulator's planned spectrum auction is expected on 30 September.

Banks adopt blockchain 'dramatically fast'

The banking industry is hurtling toward blockchain adoption far faster than many expected, says IBM.

Uber expands food delivery business to SA

Uber begins meal delivery in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg today, before moving across Gauteng and to Cape Town in 2017.


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