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Prepare for the inevitable.

Mervyn Mooi Under-utilised

Big data is there for everyone but its potential is being wasted.

Lee Naik This is not a drill

Africa has a resource that’s more disruptive than oil: data, says Lee Naik.

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  • Mon, 27 Mar, 08:42:08 AM
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As the e-tolls saga rages on, Sanral quietly hiked toll fees by 6%.
As the e-tolls saga rages on, Sanral quietly hiked toll fees by 6%.
Sanral's e-toll judgment 'misleading and dangerous'

Outa is evaluating the possibility of a recent high court default judgment on e-tolls being rescinded.

Telkom loses R2.5m infrastructure to vandals

Telkom is working with law enforcement officials to investigate these incidents.

Criminals target street distribution cabinets in the West Rand area where services are expected to restored in the next two weeks.

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Hisense unveils hardy smartphone

The new mid-range Hisense C30 Rock smartphone costs less than R5 000, and is water- and dust-proof.

Facebook integrates shopping into newsfeeds

The social media giant debuts an advertising format that allows businesses to display e-commerce catalogues on the platform.

Joburg smartens up traffic jams

To alleviate traffic congestion, the city will implement smart systems to monitor signals and ensure faults are repaired timeously.

MoCo hits Joburg next week

International mobile technology conference, MoCo Moments, will take place in Johannesburg next week.

Huawei opens experience stores in SA

The Chinese device manufacturer selects Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town to be home to its experience stores.

Twitter explores subscription-based option

The social media network considers building a premium version of its popular Tweetdeck interface aimed at professionals.


Accenture keeps on spending The company adds two more firms to its shopping trolley, making its acquisition tally 10 so far this year.



This is not a drill: What JR Ewing never told you about digital Africa has a resource that's not only more disruptive than oil, but is potentially unlimited, writes TransUnion Africa CEO Lee Naik.



The 3310 and the sad state of the mobile world James Francis is willing to bet the resurrected 3310 will grow Nokia's feature phone market share.


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Caption Competition

Congratulations to Andre le Roux for the winning caption competition and walking away with an annual subscription to Brainstorm magazine, as well as an entry into a lucky draw for an Apple iPad Mini 16GB Tablet With Wi-Fi & 4G


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SUSE Expert Days: March

SUSE Expert Days in SA for first time ITWeb interviews the regional manager for SUSE South Africa, Matthew Lee, to gain insight into its SDI, digital transformation and DevOps plans.


Security Summit: May 2017

Data breaches remain unreported by SA organisations This is creating the incorrect perception that SA in not badly affected by cyber attacks, says the CSIR.


Security Summit: May 2017

Turning data into threat intelligence Intelligence can support incident detection, incident response, training and awareness, security architecture, and many other aspects of a security programme.