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Performance is key.

Sagan Pillay New frontier

Digital security must sync with the demands of the app economy.

Jessie Rudd Carbon footprint

Cloud computing is anything but wispy and innocent.

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  • Sun, 17 Dec, 04:01:30 AM
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Fleet telematics providers fared best on the JSE in 2017.
Fleet telematics providers fared best on the JSE in 2017.
Best and worst performing tech stocks of 2017

MiX Telematics, Cartrack and Naspers were the best performing tech stocks on the JSE during the year, while Adapt IT and EOH fared worst.

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Tender Watch: Establishing oversight

This week's National Tender Bulletin sees the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services looking to create an ICT sector commission and tribunal.

Cisco's top 'game changers' for 2018

Putting data to work and network reinvention are the top tech trend predictions from Cisco for the coming year.

Black Sash seeks more details on SASSA system

The advocacy group raises concerns over some of the options that aim to give effect to the social grants hybrid model.

Vinny Lingham gets token sale advisory board role

The South African-born entrepreneur has been appointed to the token sale advisory board of investment platform BnkToTheFuture.

BCX invests R100m in digital skills training

The company has partnered the Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative to grow skills in software programming, cyber security, fintech and AI.


2017: a vibrant year for the ICT industry ICT activity in Africa continues to grow, with offices sprouting on the continent from companies like Intelsat, Oracle and Syspro.



Becoming one with the machines Ask not what tech can do for you, but what you and tech can do together for people - that's the advice of TransUnion CEO Lee Naik.



An ARM to stand on? The adoption of ARM chips into the Windows PC world could be a new epoch. But South Africans may not be equipped to take advantage of that, warns James Francis.


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Caption Competition

Congratulations to Grant for the winning caption competition and walking away with an annual subscription to Brainstorm magazine, as well as an entry into a lucky draw for an Apple iPad Mini 16GB Tablet With Wi-Fi & 4G


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Cloud Summit 2018: Feb

The economics of cloud Business agility, operational resilience, cost avoidance, workforce productivity and operational costs are all taken into account.


Governance, Risk & Compliance: Feb

The legal and regulatory considerations of blockchain Each use of Bitcoin, and each new application built on blockchain carries its own host of new questions and grey areas.


BI & Analytics Summit 2018: Mar

Harnessing the power of augmented intelligence Combining human and machine capabilities leads to a faster speed to insight and the potential discovery of insight with far greater strategic value, says Woolworths.