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How universities can better manage dropout rates – and fees.

Mario Matthee Conundrum

Is there middle ground when it comes to the developer-tester scenario?

Stergios Saltas All tied up

Cloud can untangle the backup, business continuity, disaster recovery knot.

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  • Wed, 29 Jun, 16:23:52 PM
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Ovum's Richard Hurst expects a positive reaction to the deal.
Ovum's Richard Hurst expects a positive reaction to the deal.
Why Neotel-Liquid deal makes sense

Analysts believe that Liquid Telecom and RBH are good suitors for Neotel, after a R6.5 billion buy-out deal was announced.

Confusion surrounds Facebook friend recommendations

Contrasting reports emerged about how Facebook uses users' locations to recommend friends on the platform.

The social network has come under fire this week, as contrasting reports emerged about how it uses users' locations to recommend friends on the platform.

Smart traffic management to save billions of man-hours

Juniper says traffic congestion reduces businesses' competitiveness, and contributes to the brain-drain.

Juniper Research says smart cities will ease traffic congestion and save over four billion man-hours per year by 2021.

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IEC app update on the cards

The existing election app will have additional functionality from 20 July.

Standard Bank updates app

The smartphone app update allows customers to adjust their daily and monthly ATM limits.

Comsol sets sights on high-speed network

The company, backed by Convergence Partners, Nedbank and IDC, aims to connect over 200 towns and cities across SA.

South Africans conceal their Webcams

A Kaspersky report reveals 13% of South Africans cover their Webcams in an attempt to protect their privacy.

MiBlackBox emergency app goes live

In unforeseen situations, the application lets users record calls, pictures and videos, while also serving as a repository of evidence.

Clinton rolls out wide-ranging technology agenda

Hillary Clinton's proposed tech agenda includes connecting every US household to high-speed Internet by 2020.

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