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Finding your niche can be tricky.

Stuart Macgregor Walking the talk

EA collaboration allows true knowledge co-ordination to occur.

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Striving to become a data-driven company is not enough – strategy is crucial.

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  • Thu, 19 Jan, 16:58:06 PM
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South Africa's independent power producers are world-class, says deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa.
South Africa's independent power producers are world-class, says deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa.
Legal war looms amid renewable energy applause

While deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa lauded SA's green energy sector at the World Economic Forum, local producers are looking to take Eskom to court.

Smartphone market heads to 6bn mark

Revenue for smartphones shipped in 2020 will total $355 billion, according to IHS.

By 2020, smart mobile devices will be universally adopted throughout the world.

Tender Watch: Keep it brief

This week's National Tender Bulletin sees a sudden increase in the number of compulsory briefings.

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Telecoms survey 2016

Netflix beats subscriber growth expectations

The video streaming pioneer added a third more subscribers than expected in the last quarter of 2016, with the majority coming from outside of the US. 

SA SMEs see bright future

Local SMEs' confidence is growing, with 50% of those polled on Facebook saying they plan to create jobs in the next half-year.

Social grant payments in limbo

It remains unclear whether the South African Social Security Agency will be ready to take on the task of payments to 17 million social grant beneficiaries.

WEF Davos: Consumers, environment gain most from digitalisation

While society benefits most from digital adoption, it still depends on businesses and governments to drive the process, says the Digital Transformation Initiative.

Google acquires Twitter's dev platform

The tech giant signs an agreement to purchase the struggling social media company''s mobile development platform, Fabric.

University hails online registration process

Online applications help the University of Johannesburg record a significant registration milestone for the class of 2017.


'Twas the season for shopping More than 60 acquisitions or investments took place over the festive season in the global ICT world.



Singing stormy weather Weather startup makes wages in both African agriculture and commodity trading.



Bitcoin interest surge Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa top Google's global interest in Bitcoin search.


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GRC Conference: Feb 2017

Good governance and cybercrime in the digital age Digitalisation has brought with it various cybercrime opportunities that are not only financially motivated, but can still pose a big threat for corporates.


BI Summit: March 2017

The evolving role of the business analyst In the past, technology was seen as the solution, today it is seen as an enabler, says Sochin Technologies.


Security Summit: May 2017

No digital transformation without sacrificing privacy In exchange for the products and services offered by companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple and Uber, we are giving away our digital lives.