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Survive against the odds.

Jannie Pretorius For what it’s worth

The value of a process is that it integrates into a company’s operations.

Masindi Mabogo Nimble data

Agility requires a mix of on-premises and cloud data architecture.

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  • Thu, 19 Oct, 13:01:22 PM
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SA's top real estate companies are being blamed as the source of the data leak.
SA's top real estate companies are being blamed as the source of the data leak.
Impersonation attacks loom after SA's biggest data leak

South Africans should brace themselves for supercharged impersonation fraud attacks following a massive data breach that left 30 million people exposed.

Tender Watch: Pull back

This week's National Tender Bulletin sees government issuing a slew of cancellations.

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Pathway to the Cloud survey 2017

SASSA gives post office the green light

The agency gives the South African Post Office an offer for social grant payments, but the extent of its role in future payments remains unclear.

Netflix expands South African presence

The popular US-based streaming service says it will take a more proactive stance in the South African market.

4Sight Holdings lists on JSE

The pure data technology company listed on the JSE's AltX this morning.

Telecoms dept must handle SA's digital TV project

The Democratic Alliance calls on Mmamoloko Kubayi to hand over the Broadcasting Digital Migration programme to the telecommunications department.

HeroTel acquires CT's biggest WISP

The group buys Cape Town's Sonic Telecoms, helping to close the coverage gaps it had in the Mother City.


Africa's problems spur ahead-of-the-curve innovation Through a range of problem-solving tech innovations, Africa is leapfrogging the rest of the world, says Stuff magazine's Toby Shapshak.



Tech alone doesn't drive digital transformation For success, business needs to integrate people change management into the digital transformation journey.



Co-existence always beats stagnation TransUnion CEO Lee Naik discusses a more effective approach to harnessing technology for 'the suits' of the finance industry.


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