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Innovative ideas require innovative software.

Jessie Rudd Save the rhino

The Internet of things can do much more than increase the bottom line.

John Beaumont Thinking big

There is more to gain for insurers with big data analytics.

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  • Thu, 27 Apr, 20:39:55 PM
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Demand for top talent increases faster than skilled candidates enter the workplace.
Demand for top talent increases faster than skilled candidates enter the workplace.
SA sees spike in IT job vacancies

Recruiters see a massive increase in IT job adverts as companies up investments in IT infrastructure to grow competitive advantage.

Google aims to avoid unfortunate autocompletes

Google autocomplete for \

The search engine giant promises to improve the ranking of its search results and revamp autocomplete to bury fake news articles.

Facebook tests fact-checked related articles

Facebook will start showing 'fact-checked' related articles in newsfeeds.

The social media giant will show users a list of related articles that have been checked by a third party in an effort to combat fake news.

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Enterprise Mobility survey 2017

Four factors that will improve project outcomes

More than 10% of money invested in a project is wasted, Project Management Institute finds.

STB manufacturers take on USASSA

Set-top box-makers take legal action to recoup financial losses suffered as a result of the halt in production of digital TV decoders.

Blue Label appoints SA COO

After nearly 30 years at SABMiller, Wayne McCauley will join Blue Label as SA chief operating officer.

Businesses feel true cost of downtime

The 2017 Veeam Software Availability Report shows unplanned service downtown costs each enterprise surveyed an average of $21.8 million a year.

CSIR, ATNS co-operate on radar tech

The organisations are set to collaborate on a national multi-static passive radar facility.

Wikipedia founder aims to 'fix the news'

Jimmy Wales outlines plans for Wikitribune, a crowd-funded news site to counter the spread of fake news.

Uber looks to soar with flying taxis

The ride-hailing company expects to deploy its flying taxis in Texas and Dubai by 2020.


Take your personalisation strategy into hyper-drive TransUnion Africa CEO Lee Naik looks at how hyper-personal services could help business survive in these tough times.



Crowdsourcing care Walter Pike's battle with inoperable stage four prostate cancer says so much about the connected world we live in.



No stopping Accenture spree BeesPath's ClosingBridge platform and Belgian-based Kunstmann were the latest companies ticked off Accenture's acquisition list.


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Caption Competition

Congratulations to David de Jong for the winning caption competition and walking away with an annual subscription to Brainstorm magazine, as well as an entry into a lucky draw for an Apple iPad Mini 16GB Tablet With Wi-Fi & 4G


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Security Summit: May 2017

Preventing cyber attacks starts with the individual Humans are the weakest link in any security chain, and many breaches are caused by the human element, says AfICTA.


Security Summit: May 2017

DNS supplements existing security systems DNS is a standard service that scales to large volumes and is easy to take advantage of to address distributed clients.


ITWeb’s POPI Update 2017

Prepare to appoint an information officer The Protection of Personal Information Act requires all companies to have an information officer in place.