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Intelligence, curiosity, passion for science don't have a gender.

Panyaza Lesufi Tech gateway

MEC Panyaza Lesufi wants Gauteng to lead the digital revolution.

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  • Sat, 22 Oct, 21:36:17 PM
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Pakamile Pongwana dismisses ICT policy as 'just a paper'.
Pakamile Pongwana dismisses ICT policy as 'just a paper'.
Don't blame us if we ignore ICT policy: ICASA CEO

The recently published white paper creates confusion and stifles investment, says the regulator.

Vodacom improves upload speeds

Vodacom says it has improved uplink data speeds because of an \

The telco has deployed a new feature which will improve the speed of uploads on social media platforms. 

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Spectrum impasse makes DTPS, ICASA frenemies

The country's growth can only come when the available spectrum is released, says ICASA.

Telkom has mixed feelings about ICT White Paper

The telecoms operator says there is a lot of good in the policy document, but there are some "concerning" and "potentially dangerous" parts.

Lenovo says its modular phone is the future of mobile

The release of Moto Z heralds the return of Motorola to South Africa.

MTN allegedly transferred 'mind boggling' sum out of Nigeria illegally

A Nigerian lawmaker now alleges MTN illegally moved more than $14 billion out of Nigeria without observing the country's laws.

Metered taxi drivers lose CompCom battle against Uber

The Competition Commission does not think Uber has violated the Competition Act and will not prosecute a complaint filed by the metered taxi industry. 

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Nigeria sees $6m Huawei injection Huawei creates an innovation and experience centre in Lagos, Nigeria's economic hub, with an investment of $6 million.



Go ahead, drink and drive Hello connected car, goodbye boring commute.



Fighting fit with fibre If anything can get the bowels of the modern workplace moving, it's a good fibre connection.


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