Faith Muthambi Artsy aspirations

Comms minister under fire for taxpayer-funded trip to US art, lifestyle shows.

Loren Braithwaite Kabosha Women at work

Doing more for women, faster, is the role of ICT in SA.

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  • Wed, 02 Sep, 12:32:43 PM
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Tech-related firms that subscribe to the Silicon Valley culture are on the rise across the continent.
Tech-related firms that subscribe to the Silicon Valley culture are on the rise across the continent.
Reality check for African start-ups

African tech start-ups must be careful not to fall for the glitz and glamour of Silicon Valley-style entrepreneurship, says Silvertree.

Fuel cell tech lights up Randburg clinic

Hydrogen fuel cell technology will be used as a standby electricity source for a TB clinic in Randburg, Johannesburg.

The Department of Science and Technology explores the use of fuel cell technology as a standby electricity source at Windsor East Clinic.

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Miners look to tech for drastic changes

Innovative technology, such as robotics and drones, can help cut costs in the mining sector, says the IDC.

Wits prof joins energy-conscious start-up

Wits' dean of engineering joins the board of PowerOptimal, the local start-up that claims it can help end load-shedding.

FNB eWallet sends over R1bn in a month

Money sent through FNB's mobile money solution topped the R1 billion a month mark for the first time in July.

Bezos' company to build, fly rockets

Jeff Bezos' space transportation firm wins incentives to build and fly rockets near NASA's Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

Google redesigns iconic logo

Google unveiled a redesign of its iconic logo on Tuesday, the fifth such modification since the search engine giant started in 1998.

Google freezes Flash today

Flash adverts will be a lot less flashy, as the Chrome browser brings these to a standstill to improve its performance.


Keeping it in the family Mike Wright and Alison Treadaway are the siblings behind the Striata success story.



Lost the war? Proprietary software has called a truce.



Relook, rethink, reboot Vendors have had to Ctrl-Alt-Del to reinvent their relevance.


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