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7 questions your board will ask.

Elon Musk Tesla's promise

Elon Musk: The probability of an accident in an autonomous car is 50% lower.

Jared van Ast Hacking cost

All networks are at risk, no matter how much protection is thrown at them.

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  • Mon, 02 May, 23:20:03 PM
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Richard Hardiman aims to have thousands of WasteShark drones in the water globally over the next three years.
Richard Hardiman aims to have thousands of WasteShark drones in the water globally over the next three years.
Local drone innovation cleans up water pollution

Capetonian Richard Hardiman developed a solar-powered autonomous aqua drone, the WasteShark, to tackle ocean pollution.

Tender Watch: Govt gets soft

Software leads the tender pack as government looks to its systems.

Mall of Africa goes wireless

Mall of Africa customers will have WiFi that supports surfing, streaming and downloading large files, says VAST Networks CEO Grant Marais.

VAST Networks and Ruckus Wireless claim to have deployed the continent's largest mall WiFi installation at Mall of Africa.

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Over 300 attempts to hack admissions site

Hacking attempts on the Gauteng Department of Education's learner admissions Web site increased from 13 to more than 300 in less than a week.

ZTE SA, ZTE Mzanzi accused of collusion

The Competition Commission refers a complaint of alleged collusion between the companies to the Competition Tribunal.

Cisco encourages gender inclusion in ICT

The firm will host young girls from 50 countries in 90 locations, including SA, and provide career advice and demonstrations of Cisco technology.

Galaxy S7 a winner for Samsung

Robust Galaxy S7 sales signal Samsung has righted itself after two years of shrinking profit and market share losses.

Amazon profit crushes estimates

Profit blew past expectations, demonstrating the market power of Amazon's core retail business and cloud services unit.

Musk's SpaceX targets 2018 for Mars mission

SpaceX plans to send an unmanned spacecraft to Mars as early as 2018, a first step in achieving founder Elon Musk's goal to fly people to another planet.


Christo Goosen: Solving security challenges It is important to support the local community of security professionals, as they implement, guard, test and build the security for SA's infrastructure and services, says Goosen.



We owe it to our youth Almost 30 years on, Lorraine Steyn is having fun running her software development business, and believes there's a lot of coding talent in our youth that should be given the chance to fly.



Gambling on growth Expanding operations into the DRC? Here's what to expect.


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