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3D printer News Archive

Sony brings 3D scanner to new device

1 Sep 2017 Business
By Lauren Kate Rawlins

Electronics manufacturer Sony has incorporated an algorithm into its new smartphone device, the Xperia XZ1, which scans objects in 3D for use in augmented reality (AR) apps or to be sent to a 3D printer..
School children from local Curro schools and South Korea collaborate via video-streaming to build a 3D printer and drone..
Another sector that needs to evolve is the building industry. A house can be printed using a 3D printer, in less than two days; if construction and manufacturing companies don't reinvent their business models to include this incredible technology, they will be left behind.
"Designers will also have a maker's space that will include a 3D printer. The hub and centre at present currently services 47 small businesses and 13 organisations.

Altice USA makes history

26 Jun 2017 Columnists
By Paul Booth

Worldwide:* Dedicated AR and VR headsets collectively are expected to grow at a very strong pace, from just under 10 million units in 2016 to just shy of 100 million units in 2021, with a five-year CAGR of 57.7%, according to IDC.
South Africa's technology distribution industry should prepare itself for complete disruption in the next few years as new technologies such as the 3D printer and the Internet of things (IOT) reach an inflection point and as cloud computing and as-a-service business models change how end-users buy technology..

Accenture goes ape

15 May 2017 Columnists
By Paul Booth

Worldwide:* Worldwide 3D printer shipments are set to rise 39% in 2017 and show a 42% CAGR over the next five years, according to Context..

Household 3D printers still far off

23 Jan 2017 Hardware
By Lauren Kate Rawlins

Owning a 3D printer may still be reserved for hobbyists with time to invest into how to use them, says MakerSpace founder Stephen Gray..

LAUGH app creates art for space

13 Dec 2016 Software
By Sibahle Malinga

Gravity co-founder David Perrott says, "Nasa recently space-shipped the first zerogravity 3D printer to the International Space Station. Although its main function is to help astronauts build tools and spare parts in case of emergencies, Nasa's Made in Space team seized the opportunity to do something pretty special.
The M1 3D printer prints a sophisticated geometric structure, developed by Silicon Valley start-up Carbon..
The M1 3D printer prints a sophisticated geometric structure, developed by Silicon Valley start-up Carbon..

How does the digital economy affect you?

29 Aug 2016 Business
By Charmaine Shangase

"It will no longer be a question of if you will buy a 3D printer, but rather, in which room will you put the 3D printer. In order to survive, the future workforce will need to nurture the attributes that machines are not yet able to replicate: creativity and innovation, risk tolerance, quantum relationships and 'humanness'," he explained.

Govt debuts 3D printing strategy

29 Aug 2016 Computing
By Staff Writer

The Department of Science and Technology introduces a 3D printing strategy to improve SA's traditional manufacturing industries..
The lab is located in the Tshimologong Precinct in Braamfontein – an inner-city area which is today re-emerging as a vibrant Johannesburg district. The two-level, 900-square metre lab has a DIY maker space with electronic design equipment and a 3D printer.
Leapfrog Creatr HS 3D printer..

Microsoft gets LinkedIn

20 Jun 2016 Columnists
By Paul Booth

* Global shipments for smartphone-use touch panels will reach 369.49 million units in Q216, increasing 11% sequentially and 6.
A Canadian 3D printer start-up has announced that one of its co-founders embezzled more than 324 000 Canadian dollars (about R3.8 million) of money raised via crowd-funding Web site Kickstarter, and used it to build himself a house.
"As more and more people make use of 3D printers in their homes this means there will be less and less need of mass manufacturing of certain kinds of products. People will be able to download a design template of any product that can fit into a 3D printer from the Internet and assemble the parts at home," he elaborates.

Innate humanness will set you apart

21 Apr 2016 Business
By Charmaine Shangase

Digital disruption will come with many changes, says Wing.  He said in this "soon-to-be world", drones compete with autonomous vehicles for transport rights; energy creation is decentralised into neighbourhood micro plants of self-generation; product creation is limited only by your imagination.
Vyomesh Joshi, who headed HP's printing business, will now lead the 3D printer company..

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