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Originally used to underpin digital currency Bitcoin, blockchain is a distributed record of transactions, or other data, maintained by a network of computers on the Internet without the need for approval from a central authority..
Bitcoin and encryption are some of the technologies users can deploy to avoid being compromised on the Internet..
This is not just the future: Coin Based, operating in the Bitcoin network, is available in over 30 countries, and has exchanged 3 billion dollars' worth of bitcoins. Crowdfunding has a great impact on the market: it has already injected 65 billion dollars in the economics and created 270,000 jobs.
A wave of anti-establishment sentiment sweeping the Western world is likely to help push blockchain – the technology that gave birth to the renegade digital currency Bitcoin – out of cyberspace and into the real world in 2017..
Hot topic: A file photograph from last year's Blockchain and Bitcoin Africa Conference in Johannesburg..
Bitcoin had gained more than 40% in two weeks to hit a three-year high of $1 139.89 on Wednesday.
The price of one Bitcoin reached its strongest level since January 2014, with experts linking its rise with this year's steady depreciation of the Chinese yuan..
According to the report, seven in 10 (70%) property investors believe regulators are unprepared for blockchain's introduction. This is despite a recent study from Juniper Research, finding the total value of venture capital investment into blockchain technologies and Bitcoin companies totalled $290 million in the first six months of the year.
Bitcoin hits highest levels in almost three years.
Blockchain first emerged as the software underpinning cryptocurrency Bitcoin..
According to , the company's blockchain has joined the hyper ledger project to evolve and improve on earlier forms of blockchain, instead of having a blockchain that is reliant on the exchange of cryptocurrencies with anonymous users on a public network (e.g.
Blockchain technology will become a new and necessary norm just like the Internet, and will change the way we store and exchange value using digital currencies like Bitcoin..
The Banking sector remains a target for hackers as attacks on ATMs, POS terminals and Bitcoin wallets continue to become more frequent and more advanced..

Full 'steem' ahead for blockchain

31 Oct 2016 Internet
By Simnikiwe Mzekandaba

Steemit CEO and co-founder Ned Scott says a crypto-currency like Bitcoin empowers communities and the people that are using it..
The transaction is not the first involving the decentralised database, used since 2009 for the digital currency Bitcoin. But it is a milestone for the traditional banking industry which at first shied away from the technology, partly because it makes money flows harder for law enforcement agencies to track.

MobiMoola wins TADHack SA challenge

21 Oct 2016 Computing
By Sibahle Malinga

Mobi Moola – pay for transport using airtime MTN - Down the Rabbit Hole Challenge – Fulela Mekasi ZTE pre challenge – Bertin Jacobs Girl Coder of the Weekend – Naledi Phafane – Pandora ZTE developer platform – Team SELT MTN challenge solving – Seven Eleven – mobile data consumption and management app Most Entertaining – We Think Code II – Bitcoin-based economy for robots.
So, what is ransomware? It's a strain of malware (malicious software) that cybercriminals upload onto organisations' computers, servers or user devices and lock them down, before demanding payment of a ransom – usually in the form of Bitcoin or some other non-traceable currency – in exchange for decrypting and releasing their data. In a ransomware attack, the hacker is literally holding your users' workday hostage, cutting off access to vital productivity tools like e-mail, calendars and contact lists or back-end systems such as databases, file servers, e-mail servers and other systems.
The participation of the Reserve Bank is significant in that in the past it has viewed blockchain, or at least Bitcoin, with suspicion, advising consumers in a statement in 2014 that it had "no legal status or regulatory framework, and poses risks for those who choose to transact with it"..
"It points to the future of public service delivery where governments will eventually provide services without owning any hard assets..
Blockchain originates from digital currency Bitcoin..

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