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A potentially devastating Bitcoin-mining virus has been stopped in its tracks, thanks to the vigilance and quick actions of two local IT experts..
Blockchain, a digital ledger of transactions, underpins crypto-currency Bitcoin and can be used to track, record and transfer assets across all industries..
The bank is "very optimistic" about some of the underlying Bitcoin technology and other digital currencies, says CFO Marianne Lake..
Bitcoin is increasingly popular worldwide as it promises substantial profits..
Bitcoin, which emerged in mid-2010, last traded at around $4 807..
Blockchain was first developed to power crypto-currency Bitcoin..
Claasen, who was executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation last year, is managing partner of Newtown Partners..

Yoco aims to make being an SME easier

5 Oct 2017 Software
By Lauren Kate Rawlins

Multiple payment types can be added to the system, including card, cash, SnapScan, Zapper, EFT and Bitcoin, as well as the ability for customers to split their bill however they want to pay..
Bitcoin is only a transaction currency and does not fulfil some of the most important functions of currency, says Axel Weber..
Goldman Sachs Group chief executive Lloyd Blankfein said he is keeping an open mind on Bitcoin after a media report that the investment bank was exploring a new trading operation dedicated to crypto-currencies..
Ford: The main developments will be around increasing use of AI and new technologies which we are already seeing: the use of robotics and IOT integrated with ERP; AI inside of the ERP – already being used; new friendly user interfaces – we already have voice with Amazon's Echo device; digital meshing with machines and input devices; extensive multi-cloud functionality – already we use direct connections to: blockchain for security, Bitcoin as payment type, docusign cloud-based document signing and security, survey monkey and Google and Bing on demand translate a list that is growing exponentially..
Weeks after Beijing banned fundraising through token launches and ordered some Bitcoin exchanges to shut, the market is far from dead..
As recently as September 2017, South Africa's grocery retailer Pick n Pay announced that it was testing Bitcoin payments in-store, "a world first for a major grocery retailer." There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies will explode onto the South African market and challenge traditional banking institutions in such a way that will place cryptocurrencies as a serious contender to these institutions.
The US Securities and Exchange Commission is ill-equipped to deal with Bitcoin, says its former chairman Arthur Levitt..
Royal Bank of Canada CEO Dave McKay has pushed back on a suggestion by JPMorgan chief executive Jamie Dimon that Bitcoin is a fraud..
1. Speed, scalability and interoperabilityFor the digital blockchain ledger to reduce the cost of reconciliation, a vast number of transactions must be processed each second.
Blockchain emerged in 2009 as the system underpinning the crypto-currency Bitcoin, allowing people to quickly and anonymously exchange electronic currency. It is a shared ledger of transactions maintained by a network of computers rather than a central authority.
Threat landscape continues to evolve: Bitcoin malware a new finding.
Virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, which are issued and usually controlled by their developers and not backed by a central bank, are hailed by their supporters as a fast and efficient way of managing money..
Bitcoin company Luno today announced its expansion into 35 new markets across Europe, and a R120 million ($9m illion) Series B funding round, led by London-based Balderton Capital, one of Europe's leading venture capital firms..

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