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"This is what companies in SA are asking: How is artificial intelligence (AI) going to impact my business? What does Blockchain mean? Avaya and the CX industry are addressing these trends – AI is going to play a massive role in the space – it already is, but will do so more as it matures.".
Blockchain technology supports real-time liquidity monitoring and reconciliation..
The investors had bought a unit of Intangible Labs, which entitled them to Basecoin – a token with a rules-based monetary policy built into its Blockchain system – in the future, Al-Naji said in an interview with Reuters on Friday..

Samsung CEO steps down

16 Oct 2017 Columnists
By Paul Booth

* Good interim numbers from Cartrack Holdings, with revenue up 13.7% and profit up 20.
The fourth industrial revolution is still in its infancy however, so what's the next disruption going to be? That's anyone's guess, but it's clear that the future is digital. Businesses need to embrace cloud, data, mobile, and social – what Gartner has coined as the nexus of forces – if they want to remain both competitive and relevant today.
Gerspach said he sees potential for a "real commercial application" for Blockchain, the technology that powers trading in digital currencies like Bitcoin..

Blockchain can be used to measure happiness

12 Oct 2017 Computing
By Lauren Kate Rawlins

At GITEX 2017 in Dubai this week, Avaya unveiled a happiness index that measures customer satisfaction in real-time, using Blockchain technology..

New Avaya CEO outlines Chapter 11 emergence

12 Oct 2017 Business
By Lauren Kate Rawlins

Its stand at GITEX displayed various emerging technologies developed by partners, including Blockchain, artificial intelligence and Internet of things solutions..

Future tech on display at GITEX

11 Oct 2017 Computing
By Lauren Kate Rawlins

Responsive robots, concept cars, flying taxies and Blockchain use cases wowed visitors to the World Trade Centre in Dubai this week..
Several banks join the Batavia Blockchain-based platform, which is set to aid banks and their clients to automate the trade finance process..
Wala is Blockchain-powered financial services platform for the unbanked and underbanked. It was founded in 2015.
The companies say the partnership aims to answer a gap in the market for organisations to be able to manage crypto-currencies in a secure manner. They have developed a solution that can be used to allow companies to use Blockchain securely to conduct any type of transaction in a variety of use cases, such as launching investable products on crypto-currencies, or stocking crypto-currencies.
UBS chairman Axel Weber is more upbeat about Blockchain..
We understand that the challenges faced by all mid-sized to large organisations are similar: how to best digitise the organisation; how to derive cost savings through cloud deployment; how to take advantage of the digital convergence of 4IR technologies and trends such as AI, robotics, IOT, multi-cloud, mobility, voice controlled interfaces, digital twinning, Blockchain and human/machine meshing and the need to rapidly deploy these with a low cost of implementation and low annual total cost of ownership..
The enterprise application software firm wants local Blockchain players to join its new SAP Leonardo Blockchain Co-Innovation programme..
Media reports have suggested that SARB, in response to cryptocurrencies gaining record trading momentum this year as well as in order to strengthen its regulatory approach, has recently announced that it has selected Bankymoon, a leading Blockchain company, as the pioneer to test Bitcoin within a regulatory sandbox in order to understand and investigate the possibility of new regulations..
RBC, however, is researching how it can utilise the distribution ledger technology that underpins Bitcoin, called Blockchain. RBC earlier told Reuters that it was experimenting with Blockchain to help move payments between its US and Canadian banks.
Blockchain could lower banking costs for consumers, but expect adoption to be gradual, says BBD executive, Matthew Barnard..
RBC is looking to use Blockchain to improve its rewards and loyalty offers..
Smart contracts have been around for some time. Think of the humble vending machine.

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