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Drone News Archive

Milrem Robotics has also started developing an unmanned system that combines the THeMIS with aerial drones. Working with Estonian UAV manufacturer Eli, a Drone nest is being developed and with Threod Systems a tethered multirotor UAV integration project has begun.
The proposed initiative comes at a time when Drone usage is soaring..
Production issues with the Hero 5 camera and a delay in the launch of its Karma Drone dented sales, says the company..

Drone drug deliveries take off in Tanzania

30 Aug 2017 Reuters
By Thomson Reuters Foundation

Tanzania is set to launch the world's largest Drone delivery network in January, with drones parachuting blood and medicines out of the skies to save the lives of women giving birth and children struck by malaria, in a country larger than Nigeria..
The battery-powered drones will provide a live-video feed to a Drone operator who then uses the shark-spotting software to identify sharks in real-time and with more accuracy than the human eye..

What will disrupt the fridge?

24 Aug 2017 Computing
By Lauren Kate Rawlins

"Now, I'm convinced the most likely thing which will end up disrupting fridges more than ever will be drones. Because even in San Francisco, if you build just two Drone stations, you can get anywhere in just 60 seconds.
School children from local Curro schools and South Korea collaborate via video-streaming to build a 3D printer and Drone..
The slow reaction by the robot industry was not surprising, said Joshua Ziering, founder of Drone manufacturer
and stand a chance to win an RC Drone Built-In HD Camera..

Aerobotics secures R8m seed funding

10 Aug 2017 Financial
By Sibahle Malinga

Anton van Vlaanderen, 4Di partner, believes the potential of Drone technology will have a significant impact on existing business models. "The global Drone industry is already sizeable and is highly lucrative.
The mining giant enters a partnership to deliver 3D photogrammetry models of mine stockpiles using Drone tech..
But the company came under pressure following a series of missteps, including a delay in the launch of its Karma Drone and production issues with its Hero5 camera..

Drones help WCape farmers

24 Jul 2017 Computing
By Staff Writer

Elsenburg farmers in the Western Cape have found valuable ways to use Drone technology in their farming efforts, so says Western Cape MEC for economic opportunities, Alan Winde..
For example, consider Amazon. It began by using digital technologies to streamline and improve a long-standing business model, selling books.
The runner-up was Drone intelligence and aerial imaging company and in third place was healthcare start-up ..

Flagship Sony phone arrives in SA

6 Jul 2017 Hardware
By Lauren Kate Rawlins

Smith says Sony partners with companies to create unique solutions and recently partnered with Japanese company ZNP, which creates drones. Sony and ZNP manufactured the Aerosense Drone, which uses Sony's imaging technology and cloud-based analysis technology.
The increasing military and commercial demand for drones is one of the key factors driving the Drone simulator market, says ADS Reports..
Facebook said yesterday it had completed a second test of an unmanned aircraft designed to eventually beam Internet access to remote parts of the planet, and unlike in the first test, the Drone did not crash..
In the UK recently, fire gutted a high-rise building, killing at least 79 people. During the inferno, Kent Fire and Rescue Services supplied its Drone to the London Fire Brigade to help with surveying the damage.
US president Donald Trump looks at a Drone with Kespry CEO George Mathew..

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