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Much like a software password manager, it helps users to choose and manage strong randomly generated passwords, he notes. However, unlike a conventional password manager, that data is securely stored on a portable hardware device, he adds.
Alphabet, which launched the balloons in Nevada, said Project Loon is already providing service in Puerto Rico. It is part of an innovation lab within Alphabet that the company calls X, previously known as Google X.

Alphabet hails a ride

23 Oct 2017 Columnists
By Paul Booth

Interbrand has published its 2017 ‘Best Global Brands' rankings. Included are:* 1: Apple* 2: Google* 3: Microsoft* 5: Amazon* 6: Samsung* 8: Facebook* 10: IBM* 15: Intel* 16: Cisco* 17: Oracle* 21: SAP* 34: eBay* 37: Accenture* 52: Canon* 53: HP* 56: Adobe* 57: HPE* 61: Sony* 70: Huawei* 75: Panasonic* 78: Netflix (new entry)* 80: PayPal* 84: Salesforce (new entry)* 100: Lenovo.

The digital unicorn

23 Oct 2017 Features
By Tamsin Oxford

In a recent report, Forrester found that DevOps has the potential to save money, improve efficiencies and help the business recognise revenue sooner. It also allows for the organisation to make small, continuous improvements that shift focus and achieve objectives steadily without the risks of the big changes and equally impressive failures.

How AI will change project management

20 Oct 2017 Computing
By Marilyn de Villiers

Business acumen includes the ability to not only understand the intricacies of the project itself, but also how the project fits into the larger view of the company. AI already has the ability to handle some of this:  for example, the tool Narratives for Tableau is a free extension, available for Google Chrome browsers that has the ability to see dynamic narratives based on chart data and analytics.
It has partnered with household names like MasterCard, Visa, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Alphabet's Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft's Skype, and acquired start-ups like online lender Swift Financial and remittances company Xoom. It also owns Venmo, the mobile payments app that is popular with young adults, and still handles transactions for eBay.
Security experts are offered a bounty to identify Android app flaws, as the Alphabet unit seeks to wipe out bugs from its Google Play store..
The rules aim to provide a level playing field between telecoms firms and online players such as WhatsApp, Google and Skype. Currently only telecoms companies are subject to the ePrivacy law.
After a series of Islamist militant attacks this year, British prime minister Theresa May and her ministers such as Rudd have been demanding action from tech leaders like Facebook, Google and Twitter to do more about extremist material on their sites..

BBM acts as a travel agent

18 Oct 2017 Telecoms
By Staff Writer

BBM Messenger does not require a BlackBerry smartphone to work. The app can be downloaded free from the Apple App Store and Google Play.
"The Confessional" debuts, featuring South African comedian Trevor Noah, as parent Google races Facebook to attract viewers to the new medium..
Advanced protection users' data will be walled off from access by non-Google third-party applications..

Answers in no time

18 Oct 2017 Industry Insight
By Mervyn Mooi

Google, for instance, dedicates vast amounts of high-end resources and all of its time to preparing the data necessary to answer a search query instantly. But, even Google cannot answer broad questions or make forward-looking predictions.
Adobe said it had released a Flash security update to fix the problem, which affected Google's Chrome and Microsoft's Edge and Internet Explorer browsers as well as desktop versions..
Riverbed SteelFusion Azure-Ready Edge extends the flexibility and benefits of Azure cloud storage out to the edge of the network..
Microsoft, which has 100 data centres in 40 countries, was the first US company to challenge a domestic search warrant seeking data held outside the country. There have been several similar challenges, most brought by Google.
"In this day and age YouTube and Google is your friend, if you want to know how to do it, then just ask. You must come up with a social media (interactive Web 2.
Arthur Goldstuck, World Wide Worx MD, says it is highly improbable that VR will become mainstream in SA before 2020. "The cost of a quality VR headset is prohibitive.
National Research Foundation The South African Radio Astronomy Observatory requires supply and support of the Google Apps Suite and Vault services for a period of three years. Tender no: Information: Technical: Brendon Harris, SKA SA IT Team Lead (021) 506 7300, e-mail: .
The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Israeli intelligence officials spying on Russian government hackers found they were using Kaspersky software as a sort of Google search to find sensitive data stored by US government agencies and others..

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