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Greg Vercellotti News Archive

For Greg Vercellotti, executive director at Dariel Solutions, the IOT revolves around software. "Software has become the electricity that runs through everything we do in the connected world.

Stick or twist

7 Apr 2015 Features
By Alison Job and Adrian Hinchcliffe

Greg Vercellotti, executive director at Dariel..

Top business trends 2015

12 Dec 2014 Internet
By Staff Writer

Greg Vercellotti, executive director at IT services company Dariel, believes 2015 will see more South African businesses adopting technological innovations..
According to Greg Vercellotti, executive director at Dariel Solutions, the cost of consulting services are more affordable in developed economies due to the fact that demand is low as skills are readily available. "In developing economies like SA, however, you find that we have very strong first world consulting capabilities and innovative solutions, but are restricted by challenging environments.
Greg Vercellotti, executive director at Dariel Solutions, agrees, noting that SA is increasingly becoming a favoured international location for business process outsourcing (BPO) and offshoring..

Taming traders' temptations

18 Oct 2012 Features
By Therese van Wyk

Two technologies in particular are relevant in financial services now, says Greg Vercellotti, MD at Dariel Solutions..

No end to ICT skills crunch

5 Sep 2011 Business
By Lance Harris

“We spend a lot of time thinking and worrying about the skills shortage,” says Greg Vercellotti, executive director of software development firm Dariel Solutions. “The recession turned a skills crisis into a mere skills shortage.
Greg Vercellotti, director at Dariel Solutions, says the economy hasn't helped either..

SA flag flies high at CeBIT 2010

3 Mar 2010 Business
By Staff writer

Greg Vercellotti: Dariel Solutions is among the seven SA companies on the lookout for new partners at CeBIT..

Shaking up financial IT

11 Jan 2010 Business
By Paul Furber

That decision can be a hard one, given the current perception that the financial industry is becoming a lot more fragmented. As a result, smaller solution providers are scrambling to fill the gaps and, according to Greg Vercellotti, executive director of Dariel Solutions, they're often willing to invest in technologies that are disruptive so they can take on the big guys and innovate.

Seeing the big picture

23 Nov 2009 Business
By Benedict Kelly

Organisations need to get a strategic view, says Dariel Solutions' Greg Vercellotti..

OSS enables risk mitigation

15 Jan 2009 Industry Insight
By Greg Vercellotti

The big issue It is not an issue of cost reduction that is driving the adoption of OSS within the development community, but rather one of control and risk mitigation. Greg Vercellotti is executive director of Dariel Solutions .

Hiring is a privilege, not a right

16 Sep 2008 Business
By Kirsten Doyle

With 70 000 IT professionals needed in SA, skilled candidates are practically writing their own salaries these days. However, this is not the solution, as it is driving unrealistic salary expectations and demand, says Greg Vercellotti, executive director of Dariel Solutions.

ISETT SETA defends skills programmes

21 Nov 2006 Business
By Bandile Sikwane

This comes after Greg Vercellotti, executive director of Dariel Solutions, criticised the organisation by saying its programmes are geared towards a high volume and wide range of skills, instead of specialisation..

DiData`s GM moves to Dariel

15 Aug 2005 Business
By Nkuli Mngcungusa

DS, a local IT services company and systems integrator, focuses on the development and deployment of bespoke applications and customised integration services..
"Seamless information sharing has become vital in an increasingly globalised world. A solid, reliable Active Directory architecture is therefore essential to facilitate greater collaboration and ensure that enterprise networks run efficiently and perform to their maximum potential," says Greg Vercellotti, general manager, Dimension Data TeamSource.
Greg Vercellotti, GM of Dimension Data TeamSource, says even though the currency exchange rate does the country no favours, cost is still one of the biggest benefits for outsourcing to SA..
The World Cup ticketing system developed by local IT giant DiData experienced huge volumes yesterday, causing the Web site to be shut down and traffic reprioritised to the stadiums and call centres..

Justifying EAI

20 Mar 2002 Business
By Peter Hall

In a recent article, Greg Vercellotti of Dimension Data referred to Saswitch as a competent message hub. The strength of this observation is borne out by the fact that Saswitch has been delivering the goods for well over 15 years.

Message hubs will drive B2B adoption

17 Sep 2001 TechForum
By Greg Vercellotti

So says Greg Vercellotti, SA sales and marketing manager, Dimension Data i-Commerce, who explains that message hubs "translate" data from disparate systems into a common language, delivering the most effective method for collaboration and acceleration of a business' entrance into full e-commerce..

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