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MSSA News Archive

Colin Webster, general secretary of (MSSA), says e-sports are gradually becoming a popular phenomenon in SA. He explains that every year, MSSA shows an increased growth of both clubs and participants alike.
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) states that SA has enjoyed great success at the previous two World Championships with Gabriella Isaacs finishing in second place in the StarCraft II event (for women) in 2012 and Lyrene Kühn consistently finishing close to the medal positions for the game of Tekken in both 2012 and 2013. Robert Botha too established his international reputation at the IeSF World championships, when in 2012, Botha finished fifth overall.
At the annual Mind Sports SA's (MSSA) Mweb Dota 2 On-line Championships team, "Some Random Slackers" from the Knights Mind Sports Club, showed no quarter as it cut its way through one opponent after another showing true mettle..
Surprises abound at MWeb's MSSA Mpumalanga championships, as favourites to win are dispatched by unlikely foes..

CT hosts Black Ops 2 tourney

6 May 2013 Internet
By Staff Writer

The Mind Sports SA (MSSA) Cape Town regional Xbox 360 Black Ops 2 tournament is happening this Saturday (11 May) in Rondebosch..
The MWeb Battlefield 3 team is the best e-sports team SA has ever produced, says MSSA..
MSSA will hold an online championship for Battlefield 3 on Saturday, 12 January..
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has chosen the team to represent SA at the International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) World Championships, in South Korea..
A local Battlefield 3 team, First in Battle (FiB), will compete in the Clanbase NationsCup 2012, following their victory in an online competition organised by Mind Sports SA (MSSA) and hosted by MWeb..

Local gamers jet off to IeSF

4 Oct 2011 Computing
By Alex Kayle

Robert Botha and Ian Pillay stand proudly in their Protea Colours ahead of the IeSF tournament, to be held in South Korea..

Texting SA's pride

28 Jan 2011 Telecoms
By Alex Kayle

Colin Webster, president of Mind Sports SA (MSSA), says the MSSA is proud of the South African team's performance at the texting championships..

SA govt to fund e-sports

20 Jan 2011 Computing
By Alex Kayle

The Department of Sports and Recreation has signed an agreement with Mind Sports SA (MSSA) to run in partnership, and introduce a national electronic sport (e-sport) event in the country..

Gamers! Lend us your ears!

11 Jan 2011 Computing
By Alex Kayle

Mind Sports SA (MSSA) has revealed that the International Electronics Sports Federation (IESF) will be holding the world championships in October 2011..

Africa gears up for e-sports

4 Jan 2011 Computing
By Alex Kayle

Mind Sports SA (MSSA) is developing electronic sports (e-sports) into Africa as well as driving inter-school gaming leagues..

Local Guitar Hero crowned

29 Sep 2010 Computing
By Alex Kayle

Local gamer Kevin Doran (18) has been awarded Protea colours by Mind Sports SA (MSSA) for electronic sports (e-sports) and has flown out this week to Los Angeles to compete in the prestigious World Cyber Games..

Guitar Hero secures Protea Colours

2 Aug 2010 Computing
By Nikita Ramkissoon

So says Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), the body responsible for the promotion of board games, e-sports, and host of the national gaming championships, where the top local guitar hero will be chosen to go to the World Cyber Games (WCG)..

Schools sign up for e-sports

19 May 2010 Computing
By Alex Kayle

Mind Sports SA (MSSA) has finalised a sponsorship agreement with Asus to drive SA's first e-sport interschool league. However, no disadvantaged schools have been signed up with the programme yet due to funding challenges.

Gamers gear up for LAN battle

29 Jan 2010 Computing
By Alex Kayle

The Wits Wargames Club, an affiliate of Mind Sports SA (MSSA), will host the first South African Heroes of Newerth LAN tournament..
Last week, the two South Africans, both from Pretoria University, were awarded their national colours from Mind Sports SA (MSSA), an affiliate of the South African Confederation of Sport and Olympic Committee..

A tech holiday wish list

15 Dec 2009 Hardware
By Staff writer

Colin Webster – president of Mind Sports SA (MSSA).

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