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Mark Walker News Archive

Mark Walker, associate VP for sub-Saharan Africa at IDC..

The power of a plan

15 Sep 2017 Features
By Joanne Carew

Make sure your home fire is burning brightly and you have a solid base in South Africa before you embark on an African expansion.- Mark Walker, IDC Middle East, Africa and Turkey.
Fellow analyst Mark Walker, regional director of IDC MEA, commented: "Richard was a friend, officer, gentleman and a remarkable analyst. He will be sorely missed.
Mark Walker, associate VP: Sub-Saharan Africa, IDC Middle East, Africa and Turkey, says in a country like SA where the economy is stagnant and there are mounting concerns about the future of the economy, cloud IT infrastructure could be used to operationalise enterprises..

Investing in innovation

24 Apr 2017 Features
By Tamsin Oxford

Says Mark Walker, associate vice president for Sub-Saharan Africa, International Data Corporation: "Innovation can increase responsiveness to market conditions by up to 59%.  The business needs to make space for innovation by incentivising innovative thinking, creating skunkworks that are open to, and allow for, experimentation, and accepting that failures are a part of the innovation process.
This is according to Mark Walker, associate vice president for Sub-Saharan Africa at global market research group International Data Corporation (IDC)..

2017: Challenging year for ICT in SA

7 Dec 2016 Computing
By Simnikiwe Mzekandaba

The IDC's Mark Walker warned of a tough start to 2017 for SA's ICT industry..

Smart cities are about survival

11 Jul 2016 Computing
By Sibahle Malinga

SA is in stage two of the smart city journey, which is about seeking funding and the right stakeholder partnerships, says IDC's Mark Walker..

Slim pickings

25 May 2016 Features
By Nicola Mawson

Yet, notes IDC analyst Mark Walker, technology stocks generally fare very well if the technology is understood by the market, it has a widespread appeal and is relevant. "When the industry is exciting, the stock gets almost a mythical value, but when reality sets in, the value of the stock becomes more realistic.

The virtual convergence

11 May 2016 Features
By Tamsin Oxford

"An immediate area you would think of using VR is in healthcare," says Mark Walker, associate vice-president, IDC Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and Turkey, "where you can now provide services from a distance away. Intel was experimenting with this ten years ago, but the technology at that stage was large and cumbersome.

Understanding Africa

5 Apr 2016 Features
By James Francis

Mark Walker, VP, IDC MEA.

Examining 2015 ICT predictions

27 Nov 2015 Computing
By Regina Pazvakavambwa

Mark Walker, associate vice president at IDC Sub-Saharan Africa, notes the conversation around cloud has also shifted significantly..


28 Oct 2015 Features
By Chris Tredger

Mark Walker, associate vice president: Sub-Saharan Africa at IDC, says Kenya's IT market, which includes hardware, software and IT services, is expected to generate $2.3 billion this year, and achieve growth of between eight and ten percent in 2016.
According to Mark Walker, associate vice-president of Middle East and Africa at IDC, the very nature of data has changed – businesses, IT and consumers have a stake in it..

DTPS investigation still hazy

29 Jun 2015 Telecoms
By Bonnie Tubbs

IDC regional director Mark Walker says, while one would have to understand the number of individuals that are in the procurement process in the DTPS overall to get a decent idea of the scale of the problem, 13 is an unacceptable number..
This was revealed by Mark Walker, IDC's associate VP for sub-Saharan Africa, MEA and Turkey, speaking at an event hosted by CommVault this week in Johannesburg..

SA's innovation 'stifled'

3 Jun 2015 Business
By Nicola Mawson

South Africans are innovating, but are not making a huge dent in the international sphere because inventors are not able to take their idea to the funding stage, says IDC analyst Mark Walker..

The digital DJ

3 Jun 2015 Features
By Tamsin Oxford

As elegant a role as that of the orchestra conductor, the CDO can potentially blend a symphony of business outcomes that will drive sales and improve business performance. It's also a role that's not seen as entirely necessary in the South African context, according to Adobe's Leighton and Mark Walker, IDC's Associate vice president of Sub-Saharan Africa.

SA 'failing' at telecoms

25 May 2015 Telecoms
By Nicola Mawson and Lauren Kate Rawlins

IDC analyst Mark Walker notes admitting there is an issue is the first big step, but the targets are "massively ambitious" for SA to meet. He says the only way government can make the goals happen is through huge private sector participation.

Making a city smart

18 May 2015 Features
By Martin Czernowalow

IDC analyst Mark Walker agrees that skills transfer could prove to be a big challenge, as technology developments focus on automation and replication. "Many companies fly in personnel from overseas to get things running and after that, the main concern is maintenance and support of infrastructure.

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