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SANRAL News Archive

Outa dismisses 'hollow' e-toll threats

5 Dec 2016 Business
By Simnikiwe Mzekandaba

Last week, the South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) issued yet another to motorists who refuse to pay outstanding e-toll bills despite several warnings..
Outstanding funds must be collected, and the problem facing those that owe money will not disappear, says SANRAL's Vusi Mona..
The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse alleges SANRAL has misled Parliament on its true financial situation..

Tender Watch: Big winner

10 Oct 2016 Tender Watch
By Kimberly Guest

South African National Roads Agency SANRAL invites tenders from qualified service provider/s listed and registered on the National Treasury's Central Supplier Database to enter into an agreement for the provision of the following services; supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of a mobile video conferencing trolley solution that is certified to be integrated with Microsoft Skype for Business to provide high quality video conferencing capabilities to their Office listed in Table 4,with a three-year support period. Tender no: Information: Technical: A.

Tender Watch: National no show

23 Sep 2016 Tender Watch
By Kimberly Guest

South African National Roads Agency Limited SANRAL invites tenders from qualified service provider/s to enter into a three-year agreement for the provision of the following services: A. Supply of 150 business class desktop computers.

Go ahead, drink and drive

21 Sep 2016 Features
By Tamsin Oxford

"I think we are quite a way away from the driverless car in South Africa for three reasons: acceptance, awareness and price," says Alan Robinson, Traffic Engineering specialist at SANRAL. "Driver acceptance will be a challenge as people like driving their cars.
SANRAL and Outa are in disagreement over an e-tolls test case..
Department of Transport The South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) invites bids from competent and authorised tenderers for the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of a converged infrastructure for production and disaster recovery datacentres, with data protection and related services for a five-year period. The tenderer should be an OEM gold partner or system integrator, having its project team members and support personnel with proven competence to install, configure, maintain and support server and storage infrastructure and VMware virtualised environment.

Sanral readies 6 500 summonses

19 Aug 2016 Business
By Admire Moyo

The South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) has prepared approximately 6 500 summonses targeting e-toll defaulters..
The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse, which is opposing the e-tolling system, its membership has grown by several thousand over the past few weeks. This is despite SANRAL offering a 60% discount for Gauteng road users to settle outstanding e-toll debts.
"We all know that we use the user-pays principle. We all know that SANRAL is entrusted with the responsibility of developing and maintaining roads at national level.
"Then expand the solution to the district, then to the province, and then nationally. If SANRAL, eNatis, the department of transport and local police were all connected and understood things like cars going through toll gates, and share information about crimes in the area, traffic patterns, specific high-crime time periods, and overlay social media information, they would be able to isolate and identify perpetrators.
Outa says it is in no way surprised the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) has been forced to extend the period by another 10 days "in an attempt to claw back a bit more of the R5.9 billion discounted e-toll debt".

Sanral battles strike action headache

3 May 2016 Business
By Simnikiwe Mzekandaba

The workers of a SANRAL sub-contractor have embarked on a strike on the Johannesburg N1 highway..

Sanral, Outa turn up the heat

13 Apr 2016 Business
By Admire Moyo

While SANRAL accuses Outa of misleading the public, the organisation says it stands by its road overcharges report..
The South African Roads Agency (SANRAL) has begun serving members of the public with letters of demand for outstanding debt on e-tolls..
SANRAL's offer for 60% discount on e-tolls has largely been ignored by motorists, claims Outa..
Motorists need not panic about SANRAL's latest e-toll debt threat, says Outa..
The first set of civil summonses to individuals is being delivered by sheriffs in different jurisdictions in Gauteng, says SANRAL..

ETC intensifies e-toll collections

18 Feb 2016 Business
By Paula Gilbert

"It is SANRAL's intention to pursue non-payers and to collect outstanding public monies due," according to an Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) statement..

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