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Switching to the fuel levy as a funding mechanism is now inevitable, as the amount owing to SANRAL has breached R1 billion, say e-toll opponents..

R1bn owed on e-tolls

25 Jul 2014 Business
By Staff Writer

Transport minister Dipuo Peters has revealed how much SANRAL is owed by motorists..
As if the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) didn't have enough problems, now "unnamed media houses" are hacking it, disrupting its operations, and sabotaging its workings. that transport minister Dipuo Peters while answering Parliamentary questions about SANRAL's poor performance record, particularly with .
that the Electronic National Traffic Information System – or eNatis – was to blame for much of the SA National Roads Agency's (SANRAL's) inability to correctly issue invoices, the minister went on to say e-toll Web site issues were due to deliberate attacks. "It is unfortunate that some of the cyber attacks were deliberately perpetrated by unknown persons and some media houses.

Sanral will obey government

22 Jul 2014 Business
By Staff Writer

SANRAL will act in line with what transport minister Dipuo Peters has said, notes spokesman Vusi Mona..

Outa welcomes e-toll concessions

18 Jul 2014 Business
By Staff Writer

Peters said the Department of Transport (DOT) and SANRAL have introduced a "reprieve for affected motorists" in the form of an extension of the payment period – from seven days to 51 – as well as time of day discounts. Registered motorists will get a 48% e-tag holder discount, time of day and frequent user discounts and a R450 calendar month cap for light vehicles.
SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng, former GCIS head Jimmy Manyi, and the face of SANRAL, Vusi Mona, will advise the new communications minister..

DOT dangles e-toll carrot

16 Jul 2014 IT in Government
By Bonnie Tubbs

SANRAL has introduced e-toll discounts and launched an investigation into non-paying motorists with the NPA..

E-toll protesters 'manhandled'

7 Jul 2014 Business
By Staff Writer

Accusations of forceful protest intervention are being investigated by SANRAL's toll consortium..
SANRAL wanted to raise R500 million, but only received bids totalling R465 million .

Adios e-tolls?

2 Jul 2014 Columnists
By Bonnie Tubbs

Still adamant the system will be a success, SANRAL is not going to let e-tolls go down without a fight..

E-toll prosecutions in pipeline?

1 Jul 2014 Business
By Staff Writer

SANRAL spokesperson Vusi Mona says the roads agency has no comment on Outa's assertions that e-toll prosecutions may be imminent..
The pronouncement, contained in the state of the province address, comes as the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) welcomes Moody's Investor Services' upgrade of its rating outlook from negative to stable. CEO Nazir Alli says "it is particularly welcome that Moody's have singled out the success of good e-toll collections related to the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project as a key factor in their decision.

'E-toll roadblocks' explained

18 Jun 2014 Business
By Staff Writer

This comes after roadblocks across Gauteng – set up by the Gauteng Department of Community Safety (GDCS) in conjunction with the SA National Roads Agency (SANRAL) and featuring e-toll-branded vehicles –  earlier this month..

E-toll shake-up on cards?

17 Jun 2014 Business
By Bonnie Tubbs

Outa has long been at with the SA National Roads Agency (SANRAL) over the notion of a fuel levy to fund the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP), which e-tolls was conceived to fund..

E-toll violation centre down

13 Jun 2014 Business
By Staff Writer

The company responsible for running the SA National Roads Agency's (SANRAL's) e-toll system, Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), says the Violation Processing Centre (VPC) will undergo "planned maintenance work" from Saturday at 6pm..

E-toll vans incite panic

4 Jun 2014 Business
By Bonnie Tubbs

E-toll body, the SA National Roads Agency (SANRAL), has denied this, saying claims that motorists were interrogated about e-tags are implausible. "SANRAL does not do law enforcement on the roads, but the competent authorities (in this case GDCS) does.

Sanral defends its honour

3 Jun 2014 Business
By Bonnie Tubbs

SANRAL has no intention to mislead the public on e-tag sales figures, says the e-toll agency..
The South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL), one of six respondents, noted in a statement this evening that the official opposition's application was dismissed with costs. The agency's spokesman Vusi Mona says it will send the DA a demand for payment of costs.

Sanral ad snubbed as misleading

2 Jun 2014 Business
By Staff Writer

SANRAL has been ordered to withdraw adverts trumpeting e-tag sales numbers and positioning gantry cameras as a security aid for motorists..

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