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SANRAL News Archive

Outa says it has found another worrying trend, with some of its e-toll paying members reporting receiving SMSes saying they have "outstanding invoices totalling several thousands of rands, even though in their opinion and records, they have no outstanding balances with SANRAL"..

Over 90% of motorists do not pay e-tolls

26 Jan 2016 Business
By Simnikiwe Mzekandaba

According to Duvenage, based on information on the status of payment recollection from the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL), Outa has been able to determine 8.9% of cars that go under gantries pay for e-tolls.

Sanral SMSes dubbed scare tactic

18 Jan 2016 Telecoms
By Admire Moyo

The South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) has reportedly started sending SMSes to force motorists with outstanding e-tolls to pay up..
By doing so, the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) – through the RTIA – will attempt to coerce motorists into compliance by withholding vehicle licences, drivers' licences and drivers' permits for non-payment of e-tolls, it points out..
The South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) will pursue fleet-based companies that have the highest outstanding e-toll bills..
The R123 million set aside by the Gauteng provincial government to help fund the controversial e-tolls system is a "drop in the bucket for the financial black hole that SANRAL's e-toll system has become," according to the Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (Outa)..
The latest security hole follows two previous SANRAL cyber vulnerabilities exposed by ITWeb..
Outa has come out strongly against the SA National Roads Agency's (SANRAL's) offer of a 60% discount on past e-toll debt, calling it a "farce" that doesn't change anything..

E-tolls on the brink of collapse

11 Oct 2015 Business
By Staff Writer

SANRAL boss Nazir Alli looks set to take the fall for the messy e-toll saga, reports the Sunday Independent..

Tender Watch: Return to norm

8 Oct 2015 Tender Watch
By Kimberly Guest

The physical support of network points and cabling is sought for SANRAL at its head office and all regional offices..

Tender Watch: Return to norm

8 Oct 2015 Tender Watch
By Kimberly Guest

South African National Roads Agency The physical support of network points and cabling is sought for SANRAL at its head office and all regional offices. Tender no: Information: Technical: Matthew Strydom (031) 266-9316, fax: 087 233 1455, e-mail: .

Cape Town e-toll ruling hailed

1 Oct 2015 Business
By Admire Moyo

The Cape Town High Court rules that a tender awarded by SANRAL to toll the N1 and N2 in the city be set aside..
South African National Roads Agency SANRAL requires the design and construction of its corporate Web site, hosting, support, and digital services, including social media management. Tender no: Information: Technical: Priya Pillay (012) 844-8000, fax: (012) 844-8200, e-mail: , General: Thabang Nkome (012) 844-8000, fax: (012) 844-8200, e-mail: .
Stoychev reached a plea agreement with the State, pleading guilty to fraud and hundreds of counts of violating section 27(5)(a) of the SANRAL Act, which deals with non-payment of tolls..
South Africans head to Twitter to show disapproval of SANRAL using celebrities to promote e-tolls..

No e-toll licence disc link yet

30 Jul 2015 Business
By Staff Writer

"On further consultation with SANRAL, it was confirmed the 2015 regulations have not yet been published and are still being finalised. The department will do the necessary correction notice that excludes regulation 25 as contained in the regulation published for comments," says Motsatsing in his response to the JPSA.

Sanral CEO to retire next month

13 Jul 2015 Business
By Martin Czernowalow

SANRAL CEO Nazir Alli is set to retire at the end of August, when he turns 65, says the roads agency..
SANRAL says account holders are the first to benefit from the new dispensation with reduced e-toll tariffs per kilometre and monthly caps on all classes of vehicles..
The new 30c a kilometre discounted rate only applies to motorists who are tagged or register with SANRAL..

E-tolling debt grows by R7bn

12 Jun 2015 Business
By Nicola Mawson

The South African National Roads Agency's (SANRAL's) e-toll money woes are deepening as the project cost citizens R7.1 billion more than it should have, while debt on the project has ballooned by R6.

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