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Uber News Archive

Shervin Pishevar is known for his early bet on Uber..

10 open source predictions for 2018

13 Dec 2017 Business
By Marilyn de Villiers

5) A world where anything and everything is available "as a service" (XAAS) is not far away. Software as a service (SAAS), infrastructure as a service (IAAS), and platform as a service (PAAS) will be joined by new cloud-based models, such as network as a service (NAAS), storage as a service (SAAS or STAAS), monitoring as a service (MAAS), and communications as a service (CAAS) along with a growing number of "bricks and mortar" services like Uber and Airbnb.
Uber will defend its right to operate in London in a court hearing today, after the app was deemed unfit to run a taxi service and stripped of its licence in the city..
Key departures/resignations included John Chambers (Cisco), Michel Combes (Altice), Travis Kalanick (Uber), Marissa Meyer (Yahoo), and Meg Whitman (HPE); and, unfortunately, the deaths of Sir Chris Bland (ex-chairman of the BT Group), Ikutaro Kakehishi (an electronic music pioneer and founder of Roland), Masaya Nakamura (‘Father of Pac-Man'), Anand Nallathembi (ex-CEO of CoreLogic), and Tom Olafson (ex-CEO of Epiq Systems)..
Uber has had its licence suspended in Sheffield after it failed to respond to official requests about its management..
Security breaches and software failures have made headlines throughout 2017. One of the most high profile was Uber's recent admission it had paid hackers $100 000 to destroy data on more than 57 million customers and drivers stolen from the company.
A 20-year-old Florida man was responsible for the large data breach at Uber Technologies last year..
In light of the clashes between metered taxis and Uber that have been happening in the country, how do you think either of these groups would respond if a robot threatened their jobs? Certainly not very well. The greatest challenge to progress and improvement is always one of gaining public acceptance and favour.
"This can be thought of in terms of buying a car versus leasing one or using a rideshare service like Uber. If you are someone that hauls heavy loads every day, it would make sense for you to buy a truck.
Uber will take the case to the Court of Appeal..
The Uber workshops aim to deliver meaningful safety content to drivers across SA..
Ride-hailing app Uber said on Monday it was joining a global public transport association to improve mobility in the cities in which it operates..
Leadership in the security unit has been in turmoil since the termination last week of Uber's CSO..
SoftBank Group proposes to buy shares of Uber Technologies at a valuation of $48 billion, a 30% discount to its most recent valuation..
An Uber Eats delivery scooter..
Automakers and rivals such as Waymo and Uber Technologies have poured billions into the competitive industry, with each player hoping to gain first-mover advantage. Robo-taxi services are seen as the main use for most self-driving vehicles, including GM's Chevrolet Bolt.
Uber's former chief executive and some board members knew of a letter alleging employees had stolen trade secrets, says a company attorney..
The US judge delays the trial as Uber withheld evidence alleging it trained employees to steal trade secrets and hide their tracks..
Japan's SoftBank offers to purchase Uber shares at a valuation of $48 billion, a 30% discount to its most recent valuation of $68.5 billion.

Taxify gains traction in SA

27 Nov 2017 Business
By Sibahle Malinga

Taxify works on the same principle as Uber of not employing drivers but allowing them to use the technology platform. With more than three million customers globally, the company operates in over 20 countries across Europe, Central America and Africa, recently launching in Nairobi and Kenya.

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