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Grocery retailer Pick n Pay is taking a cautious approach to accepting cryptocurrency Bitcoin..
JPMorgan Chase has been routing customer orders for bitcoin-related instruments, a spokesman said on Monday, despite the bank's chief executive calling the cryptocurrency "a fraud"..

Pick n Pay gambles with Bitcoin

18 Sep 2017 Financial
By Admire Moyo

The retailer will accept payments using the cryptocurrency at one of its Cape Town stores..
The Bank for International Settlements Quarterly Review explores two possible forms of central bank-issued cryptocurrency..
Chinese regulators are cracking down on the cryptocurrency sector in a bid to stamp out potential financial risks, as consumers pile into a highly risky and speculative market that has seen unprecedented growth this year..
"The new company has already tasted success by landing a US-based crypto and blockchain company, Steemit, as our first client. We are developing the Steemit mobile solutions using React Native for the cryptocurrency and Blockchain platform as well as doing all their UI and UX design and delivery," says Oswald.
Initial coin offerings have resulted in much phishing, hacking and other scams, leading to some countries banning them..
As the South African Reserve Bank commences the South African cryptocurrency regulatory experiment with the aim of legitimising and garnering a better understanding of cryptocurrencies/assets,[1] the Bitcoin Scaling Agreement is a reminder that cryptocurrency/assets and decentralised systems have evolved beyond the initial concerns and complexities that fuelled the 2014 regulatory neutrality.[2].
Another shift that has occurred as a direct result of the ‘technological revolution' is how careers, which seemed like science fiction not even a decade ago, are now mainstream and in demand. Machine learning is one of those careers; there are people who hold a PhD in this field.
The technology, which first emerged as the system underpinning cryptocurrency Bitcoin, is a shared public record of data that is maintained by a network of computers on the Internet. This means every user on a network could potentially have access to all information.
"It's been a slow start for Bitcoin Cash," said Iqbal Gandham, MD of trading platform eToro. "The delay .
But another reason, and the more common one, is that cyber criminals want to make a ton of money from unsecured systems, and ransomware attacks can give them an instant cash-out, which is mostly untraceable using cryptocurrency systems such as Bitcoins and Zcash..
During an ICO, contributors typically send digital currencies like Bitcoin and receive new tokens in return. Those tokens are then listed on cryptocurrency exchanges where they can be traded for other types of tokens.
There are many advantages to cryptocurrency, but socioeconomic factors must be considered before it can be accepted as a mainstream alternative currency, says Heinrich Springhorn, business analyst at MobileData..
Ekasi Bucks was launched in 2016 by 26-year-old Mabopane, Tshwane-based co-founders, Lucky Kgwadi and Edgar Lebelo. Based on public ledger platform Bitcoin, the payment start-up is a service provider for township-based merchants, offering cryptocurrency services which include point of sale, inventory management, remote stocking and customer loyalty programmes.

Showing the money

14 Jun 2017 Features
By Tamsin Oxford

The South African horizon also boasts two new digital banks – Discovery Bank and CBA Tyme – alongside cryptocurrency companies like Ripple, Luno, BitX and Ethereum, mobile point-of-sale solutions for SMEs, and tap-and-go payments at retailers such as Pick n Pay. Small business funding is being disrupted by solutions such as LulaLend.
Kik Interactive will introduce its own cryptocurrency that will enable customers to use a range of digital services..

WannaCry post-outbreak analysis

19 May 2017 Security
By Phahamang Thakudi

Comment: A significant implication of this method of propagation is that the malware requires a 'bridgehead' into the network with a routable IP address. As few organisations assign routable addresses to their workstations, it seems highly likely that the bridgehead machine in most cases would have been a server of some sort exposing SMB services to the Internet.
It is not yet clear what level of sophistication the WannaCry hackers have when it comes to laundering their cryptocurrency, as none of the money has yet been moved out of the three Bitcoin wallets linked to the ransomware, which have had over $80 000 worth of Bitcoin paid into them so far..
"When coinBR started investigating the potential to launch in Cape Town, we reached out to the key players in cryptocurrency and fintech," says Potgieter. "Sonya KuhneAcademy was instrumental in paving the way as she gathered and educated many of the leading financial minds in South Africa on the opportunities in cryptocurrency, and has created a space for key thinkers to collaborate through annual conferences, making the introduction of coinBR smoother and faster.

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