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Kik Interactive will introduce its own cryptocurrency that will enable customers to use a range of digital services..

WannaCry post-outbreak analysis

19 May 2017 Security
By Phahamang Thakudi

Comment: A significant implication of this method of propagation is that the malware requires a 'bridgehead' into the network with a routable IP address. As few organisations assign routable addresses to their workstations, it seems highly likely that the bridgehead machine in most cases would have been a server of some sort exposing SMB services to the Internet.
It is not yet clear what level of sophistication the WannaCry hackers have when it comes to laundering their cryptocurrency, as none of the money has yet been moved out of the three Bitcoin wallets linked to the ransomware, which have had over $80 000 worth of Bitcoin paid into them so far..
Only paltry sums were collected by the hackers, according to available evidence, mostly in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency..
Johannesburg-based software company Sagteware.NET has developed cryptocurrency called , looking to dislodge established platforms like Bitcoin.
The cryptocurrency's most recent rise is attributed to strong demand in Japan, where it has been deemed a legal means of payment..
With international bank transfers costing the continent $4 billion a year, locals are rapidly adopting the cryptocurrency..
Blockchain, which first emerged as the technology powering cryptocurrency Bitcoin, is seen by financial institution as a powerful new tool to increase transparency and reduce the costs and complexity of a wide range of financial transactions..
In its brief history, the cryptocurrency has had mixed fortunes against major currencies..
The well-known cryptocurrency BitCoin was the first digital currency. The underlying technology that enables this currency is called blockchain.
Blockchain, which emerged as the system running cryptocurrency bitcoin, is a digital shared record of transactions that is maintained by a network of computers on the Internet, without the need for a centralised authority..
cryptocurrency may be in its infancy, but like the Internet, its adoption has been far reaching and its implications are enormous, says Naresh Pema, Enterprise Engineer Open Source..

Setting the bitcoin free

13 Mar 2017 Features
By Ben Kelly

Leslie Horne, partner at IBM Global Business Services South Africa, comments that the enthusiasm around blockchain could bode well for cryptocurrencies in the long run as it will create more comfort around the distributed nature of the cryptocurrency..
A contract created by Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange, a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, to bet on the SEC's decision showed a 50% probability of approval on Tuesday, said BitMEX chief executive Arthur Hayes, compared to 34% late last month..
Local companies seem to have a deep understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency world in general and the knowledge thereof has definitely moved on past the negative historical connotations with Bitcoin and is now focussed on the potential of the technology to bring value into businesses..
An ICO is a popular way to raise money for a new cryptocurrency project by distributing a percentage of the initial coin supply among the early supporters and backers..
The Barclays Africa Accelerator programme is looking for start-ups with capability in machine learning, lending, digital banking solutions, trading, cyber security, data analytics, payments, cryptocurrency, insurance, wealth management and beyond..
The total value of all bitcoins in circulation is now above $14 billion, as the cryptocurrency jumped 5% to its highest levels in three years..
The cryptocurrency's value has been highly volatile – after rocketing above $1 100 in 2013, it had fallen to around $150 by early 2015. But it has since stabilised, staying above $500 for the past six months.
Blockchain first emerged as the software underpinning cryptocurrency Bitcoin..

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