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[2] Brave New Coin: digital currency Insights "A Gentle Introduction to Blockchain Technology" (2016).
A wave of anti-establishment sentiment sweeping the Western world is likely to help push blockchain – the technology that gave birth to the renegade digital currency bitcoin – out of cyberspace and into the real world in 2017..
Kuhnel expects executives from financial institutions, the insurance industry, as well as those in software development and enterprise development to attend. Legal firms and consultancies are also expected to benefit, as will blockchain and digital currency startups.
The digital currency drops 20% as China's yuan rises sharply: further evidence of an intriguing inverse relationship between the pair..
The total value of all bitcoins in circulation hit a record high above $14 billion on Thursday, as the web-based digital currency jumped 5% on the day to its highest levels in three years - after more than doubling in price this year..
The Web-based digital currency has climbed around 80% so far this year..
"The simple fact is this - to get to a blockchain standard across the other banks and SA Reserve Bank - we have to have some collaboration. Once we've got that collaboration and open standard around digital currency in SA, then you can start to differentiate, innovate and compete on products and services that offer new ways of making payments.
eCurrency Mint Limited (eCurrency) announced today that it has partnered with Banque Régionale de Marchés (BRM) to provide a digital currency in the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU)..
The transaction is not the first involving the decentralised database, used since 2009 for the digital currency Bitcoin. But it is a milestone for the traditional banking industry which at first shied away from the technology, partly because it makes money flows harder for law enforcement agencies to track.
Blockchain originates from digital currency Bitcoin..
The original blockchain underpinning digital currency bitcoin is kept secure by data being shared across a global network of computers, which are incentivised by competing to win new bitcoins in a system known as "mining"..

Smarter data for you

20 Sep 2016 Industry Insight
By Muggie van Staden

As this series examining data in an open source environment comes to its conclusion, let us take a look at the impact that better data analysis has for organisations. This is especially critical given how data has become the digital currency of business today.
Proponents of the technology, which originally came from digital currency Bitcoin, say that because it does not require manual processing, nor authentication through intermediaries, it makes transactions faster, more reliable and easier to audit..
Bitcoin exchanges overall could be launched for as low as $100 000 up to $1 million, said Erik Voorhees, founder and CEO of digital currency exchange ShapeShift. That is a fraction of what US forex exchanges' are required to put up.
The latest investment follows news earlier this year that Custos had concluded a round of financing with investors that include Innovus Technology Transfer (owned by Stellenbosch University), the New York-based digital currency Group, and a South African angel investor..
The technology, which underpins the digital currency Bitcoin, creates a shared database in which participants can trace every transaction..
Financial services companies around the world have been focusing on developing blockchain technology, with advocates saying it has the potential to save billions of dollars in costs and speed up transaction times. The technology, which underpins the digital currency Bitcoin, creates a shared database in which participants can trace every transaction.
Nearly 120 000 units of digital currency Bitcoin were stolen from the Bitfinex exchange platform in Hong Kong..

Dishing the digital dosh

19 Jul 2016 Features
By Tamsin Oxford

"Building on the experience gained by WEF, the Singularity University, the Deloitte Cryptocurrency Community (DC3) and the MIT MediaLab digital currency Initiative, we set off on a journey to realise a series of artefacts that would ultimately become part of Deloitte Digital Bank," says Thys Bruwer, director, Deloitte Digital Africa. "We have developed unique artefacts that adhere to essential design principles such as currency-agnostic supports and near real- time processing of payment transactions.

Starting students up

15 Jul 2016 Features
By Tom Jackson

With the support of the incubator, and the funding from Innovus, Custos has made great strides. In April, the company raised a second round of seed investment – just under R4 million – from a South African private investor and the New York-based digital currency Group.

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