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Tyco Security Products enhances visitor management, increases scalability in CoCURE 9000 v2.50

Tyco Security Products introduces the latest version of its C•CURE 9000 security and event management platform, which includes Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSPD) support for reader-to-panel communications, increased system capacity licensing and enhanced visitor management functionality that allows personnel to easily create and manage scheduled visitor appointments.

The enhanced Visitor Management capabilities of C•CURE 9000 allows authorised personnel to create and manage scheduled visitor appointments from their desktop or mobile device browser using C•CURE 9000's Visitor Management Web portal.

Personnel who are hosting visitors are able to create appointments in advance, define visit instructions, attach visit policy documents and assign pre-authorised clearances for temporary access to expedite the visitor check-in process at the front desk.

When visitors arrive, security staff can easily locate visitor appointments from C•CURE 9000 administration workstations, quickly assign temporary credentials if needed and manage the visitor check-in/check-out process based on the appointment information provided via the portal by the hosting personnel.

C•CURE 9000 v2.50 provides Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSPD) support for reader-to-panel communications on all iSTAR Ultra series controllers. In addition, C•CURE 9000 can now be licensed up to 5 000 readers per single application server, doubling the previously supported access controlled door capacity.

The increased capacity not only provides greater scalability for single server systems, but Enterprise scalability has also been increased to support up to 40 satellite application servers. Also supported in this release are Enterprise multi-version software upgrades allowing Enterprise deployments to remain operational whilst progressively upgrading each server node over time. Customers can now rollout Enterprise system software upgrades without time constraints or the need to plan for an extended system outage. 

"Reducing security risks and optimising administrative efficiencies are of great importance for security and reception staff when inviting visitors or subcontractors onto your site. The C•CURE 9000 visitor management Web portal optimises the visitor registration process, providing security officers with early information on visitors and visitor flow," said Rafael Schrijvers, Access Control Product Marketing Manager, EMEA, Tyco Security Products. "The C•CURE 9000 visitor management system also manages and logs visitor records intuitively and securely from beginning to end."

C•CURE 9000 also includes Conditional Access and Dynamic Area Manager capabilities for areas needing a higher level of security relative to supervised occupancy, such as cash counting rooms in financial institutions, government facilities that contain sensitive information and laboratories that test controlled substances. Conditional Access allows cardholders inside a secured area to grant conditional access to personnel requesting entry, who normally lack the necessary clearance to enter the area on their own. C•CURE's Dynamic Area Manager ensures the first qualified person to enter an unoccupied area becomes responsible for the area and is the last person to leave, providing greater security control and supervision of high risk areas.

In addition, C•CURE 9000 supports the new Tyco Security Products iSTAR Ultra SE controller from Software House, a special edition iSTAR Ultra controller that ensures flexibility and compatibility with all Software House systems.

For more information about the C•CURE 9000 line of products, visit

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