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Jessie Rudd

Jessie Rudd is a BI consultant at PBT Group, a position she has held since 2011. In this role, she is responsible for combining data analysis assignments and researching new technologies in this space. Rudd holds training in IT (computer management) and has been exposed to a number of industries over the past 10 years, including BI, financial services, retail, market research, as well as corporate functions such as call centres, human resources and IT. This broad experience allows her to grasp the complexity attached to converting data into intelligence. Rudd has a passion for investigating new technologies and making others aware of them, as well as finding the most efficient tools for successfully undertaking a required task.

Digital mesh

1 Dec 2016

A seamless blend of physical and virtual environments surrounds people for almost every moment of every day.

Pok'emon Go mad

2 Aug 2016

With the help of serious amounts of big data, Pokémon Go rockets into a whole new cross-section of the population.

Hello Watson

4 Apr 2016

Cognitive computing is changing the world, one Watson at a time.

Wearable magic

13 Jan 2016

The future of wearable healthcare technology is now. And it is awesome.

When good data goes bad

2 Oct 2015

Data hygiene ensures a data warehouse is populated with accurate and complete data.

The ballad of open data

26 Jun 2015

The tale of big and open data is growing exponentially, to become an epic saga.

The curious case of passive data

2 Mar 2015

Passive data contains information to help businesses analyse behaviour and predict preferences.

Shining light on dark data

16 Jan 2015

Sound data management processes and effective search technology are the keys to unlocking and benefiting from dark data.

Telematics and the world of tomorrow

29 Oct 2014

Astute marketing companies will be able to measure customers in real-time.

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