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Lauren Kate Rawlins

Lauren Rawlins is ITWeb digital and innovation editor.

Mini 'poker' gives instant info on produce nitrate levels

23 Oct 2017The device will show a green screen if the number of nitrates in the produce is within its normal range.

The portable Greentest device tests fresh food for pesticide residue, nitrates and heavy metals pollution of soils.

R6 500 jet-powered hairdryer will blow you away

20 Oct 2017Brett Coulton, Dyson design manager in new product innovation.

Dyson's first foray into the health and beauty sector sees the launch of the Supersonic hairdryer, which runs on a miniature jet engine.

SA needs to innovate faster for stable growth

19 Oct 2017William Mzimba, CEO of Accenture SA and chairman of Accenture Africa.

The latest Accenture Innovation Index shows innovation in South African business is growing only marginally.

Netflix expands South African presence

19 Oct 2017Most Netflix users are located outside the US.

The popular US-based streaming service says it will take a more proactive stance in the South African market.

African Airbnb hosts made $139m this year

18 Oct 2017Joburg mayor Herman Mashaba and Airbnb head of policy Chris Lehane.

The app-based hospitality booking service brought in nearly $140 million in profit for hosts across the continent.

Airbnb pledges $1m to African 'community' tourism

17 Oct 2017Airbnb has more than 100 000 listings in Africa.

The travel technology giant will commit $1 million into community-led tourism in Africa through a series of initiatives over the next three years.

Avaya SA outperforms during tumultuous times

16 Oct 2017Danny Drew, MD of Avaya SA.

The unified communications company's South African branch had its best quarter in three years, even though the global firm filed for bankruptcy.

Open source firm partners with Alibaba Cloud

16 Oct 2017Alibaba will soon list Red Hat products in its cloud marketplace.

Red Hat customers will now have the option to host their open source software on the Chinese cloud platform.

Smart cities: not all about the tech

12 Oct 2017Smart cities of the future will rely on city design of the past.

Successful future cities will resemble earlier modern cities more than scenes from science fiction, says the EU's smart cities adviser.

Blockchain can be used to measure happiness

12 Oct 2017Happiness Street in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

At GITEX 2017 in Dubai this week, Avaya unveiled a happiness index that measures customer satisfaction in real-time, using blockchain technology.

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