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Oracle eyes $250m from SADC partners

The company believes cloud computing presents a great deal of opportunities for partners in the region.


Bytes MS, Nedbank sign R65m deal

Nedbank buys R65 million worth of teller cash recyclers from Bytes Managed Solutions.


Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent post strong results

Solid Q2 financials provide a positive signal ahead of the telecom network gear makers' pending merger.


Sony books highest Q1 profit since 2007

Strong sales of camera sensors and PlayStation 4 games help Sony beat estimates and reassure investors a stock offering will pay off.


StarLink revenue grows 115% in H1 2015

The exceptional performance in the first half of 2015 enabled StarLink to deliver more than double the revenue achieved in the same period last year.


Datatec reports solid interim revenue growth

The multinational ICT group reports 18% revenue growth for the interim period between 1 March and 30 June.


Financial reporting as 'single version of the target'

There is often a disconnection between the budget and what business units are planning to do at the lowest level, says Tim Atkins, senior consultant and lead architect for Financial Planning & Consolidations at ConVista.


Facebook profit falls as costs soar

While the social network's quarterly revenue beat forecasts, its profit fell 9% as it increased spending for future growth.

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