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Council showdown looms over R3.4bn Joburg network

City councillors are expected to clash with the mayoral committee tonight over the R1.2 billion buyout of the Johannesburg Broadband Network Project.

It is understood DA and ANC councillors are united in their opposition to the city insourcing the project.


Forget TV: Missed digital deadline will cost SA dearly

The country will pay a hefty socio-economic price for missing the ITU deadline for broadband digital migration, as the issue goes beyond TV.


R84bn smart city to encompass pervasive ICT

Modderfontein New City will be the first smart city in SA with services and systems designed into the fabric of the built environment.


IOT presents new data availability challenges

The Internet of things will put immense pressure on organisations delivering IT, says Veeam.


Vodacom moves on African ambitions

The operator makes good on its aim of expanding further north with its bid to buy out Tanzania's largest Internet service provider.


Vodacom boards BYOD bus

The operator's business arm debuts its own mobile device management solution, six months after rival operator MTN.


Next SA fibre wave on the way, says IS

Internet Solutions believes fibre will uplift SA more than any other technology preceding it.


Opt-out checks will cost

From next month, the Direct Marketing Association of SA will charge companies to cross-reference its do not contact list.


Facebook tops Wall Street target

Increased mobile advertising demand enabled the social media giant's revenue to grow 49% in the fourth quarter.

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