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Ex Sony employees sue over data breach

Former staff members propose a class action suit after last month's hack reveals employees' personal information.

Sony is being taken to task after a recent hack exposed employee information. Photograph by Reuters.


Subsea connectivity as good as it's going to get

The likelihood of a new cable landing on SA's shores, which have seen capacity grow significantly over the past decade, is doubtful.


Obama vows response to North Korea over Sony cyber attack

Barack Obama is set to respond ‘proportionately' to the North Korean attack on Sony.


'Swipe ads to earn points'

The new Thumbtom Android app pushes advertisements to smartphones and rewards users for interacting with them.


Google to go straight into car with next Android

The search giant aims to build its OS directly into cars.


EBay CEO to get $23m package after PayPal split

EBay executives will reap rewards when it splits from PayPal.


Google antitrust lawsuit too vague: judge

Plaintiffs have not proven that Google restricted competition by limiting apps.


New York regulator lays out tweaks to bitcoin rules

Softer rules for trading crypto currencies are in the offing.


Tribunal approves IS, MWeb deal

The deal was approved on conditions already outlined by the Competition Commission.

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