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Examining Bitcoin's ups and downs

In its brief history, the cryptocurrency has had mixed fortunes against major currencies.


Every action has business repercussions

The rise of the digital economy is driving higher consumer expectations on businesses, says SUSE's Danny Rowark.


Open source plays pivotal role in digital transformation

Open source has a big influence on most organisations' digital transformation journey, says SUSE's Joachim Werner.


Extend open source collaboration techniques to skills development

The willingness to collaborate, key to open source, should be applied to SA's skills training and development, says Muggie van Staden.


IBM intros enterprise-ready blockchain service

The service will let businesses build applications on its cloud using blockchain code from the Hyperledger Project.


Limpopo schools get offline content

Free Open Source Software (FOSS) Day was celebrated in Polokwane today with the lauding of an offline content project.


Partnership boosts offline learning in Limpopo

SUSE SA has partnered with the Limpopo government to provide 25 schools with the Offline Content Project which seeks to develop ICT skills in the province.


How Blockchain will transform your business

Cryptocurrency may be in its infancy, but like the Internet, its adoption has been far reaching and its implications are enormous, says Naresh Pema, Enterprise Engineer Open Source.


Global Hadoop spend to hit $800m in 2017

The open source software framework witnessed unprecedented growth over the past 10 years, says Forrester.

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Industry Perspective Turning the tables
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