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BlackBerry third-quarter revenue falls more than expected

The company's shares fall 5.4% after it reports weaker than expected results.


Google to go straight into car with next Android

The search giant aims to build its OS directly into cars.


EBay CEO to get $23m package after PayPal split

EBay executives will reap rewards when it splits from PayPal.


Google antitrust lawsuit too vague: judge

Plaintiffs have not proven that Google restricted competition by limiting apps.


IBM's cloud business enjoying 'breakthrough year'

The computing company will grow data centre capacity by 25% thanks to demand.


3D printing points to smarter cancer treatment

British scientists are now using 3D printers to tackle cancerous tumours.


Apple wins digital music antitrust trial

A US jury has decided Apple acted properly when it limited iPod users to its iTunes store.


Adobe shares soar

Adobe stock soars to a record high after it said it would buy Fotolia


Sony 'spooked' over fears of more attacks

The studio is concerned it will come under additional cyber attacks after releasing its latest film.

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