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Uncertain future for Broadband Infraco

Government's failure to allocate funds to Broadband Infraco in this week's budget adds to indications it will be absorbed by Telkom.


Start innovating today

Why innovation can be an objective for every manager, according to Gartner.


Dual comms depts create 'shocking' burden

Splitting the Department of Communications into two will cost SA R735 million more over the next two years.


Why security fails

Major changes are overdue in IT security, says security guru Rik Ferguson.


Where Nene should spend the ICT moolah

Analysts call for more rural broadband, and better policies, to be detailed in tomorrow's budget speech.


480 Telkom call centre staff face bleak Xmas

Telkom says it will not renew the contracts of 480 temporary call centre staff, in line with its cost-cutting focus.


Govt mum on Telkom tender process

There is no loophole government can use to justify the lack of a tender process, say industry watchers.


IT governance adoption slow in SA

Lack of alignment between business and IT objectives within organisations stifles adoption IT governance frameworks, says ITWinners.


Innovation to drive SA

SA's success is linked to the ability of its companies and public sector organisations to innovate, says Accenture.

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William (Bill) BinneyInternational keynote: William (Bill) Binney, former NSA director
Bill spent more than 30 years working at the NSA, and has been described as one of the best analysts in its history. He left the agency in 2001, having publicly disagreed with its data collection policies. During his keynote he'll draw back the veil and reveal what the state-adversary looks like from the inside.
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