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LeapPad Ultra LeapPad Ultra

The LeapPad Ultra comes at a time when there is growing concern about children's exposure to con...
Admire Moyo

Review: 8/10

Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat app Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat app

The Cat in the Hat iPad app provides a faithful retelling of one of the...
Joanne Carew

Review: 10/10

Cut the Rope iPad game Cut the Rope iPad game

Chillingo’s Cut the Rope for iPad game is both fun and challenging.

Rayhaan Joseph
Review: 6/10


Wrist control
The Aircon Watch allows wearers to heat or cool their body with the touch of a button, by balancing heat production with heat loss. Technology within the watch strap touches nerves in the wrist, which sends signals to the brain to regulate body temperature.
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