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Brainstorm cover story

Online Brainstorm

Making connections in Africa

African markets are opening up to new telecom providers, with the infrastructure on (and in) the ground to enable rapid entry of new services.

Roundtable: ERP


Disrupting the ERP bandwagon

When the disruptive force of cloud meets immutable software licensing models, the impossible becomes possible.

Insight - Timekeeping

Online Brainstorm

Software vs leadership

Are time clocks are getting the boot?

Insight - Personality profile

Online Brainstorm

Business unusual

Most deputy CEOs long for a chance to step into the top slot, but Vanessa Olver got her opportunity in the worst possible way.

Insight - Marketing

Online Brainstorm's_back_in_town.gif

Larry's back in town

A refresh for MTN's marketing strategy.

Insight: Into the future

Online Brainstorm

Power to the people

Customers are reshaping businesses, whether they like it or not.

In focus - Security


Do you know where your nudes are?

Security is your responsibility, irrespective of whether you're a corporate or personal user of cloud services.

Insight: YouTube

Online Brainstorm

Is YouTube overlooked?

YouTube is far more than a place to derive some comic relief from neon cats dancing on pianos. It has become a key marketing tool for businesses that can get it right.

Cover story

Online Brainstorm

The big telecoms buy-out

This year has seen more merger and acquisition activity than at any time over the last two decades as local operators seek more mass.

Insight: CIO Survey

Online Brainstorm

Fixing CIO pain points

In the wake of EMC's annual CIO Summit, six points were released to address what ails CIOs.

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ITWeb Security Summit 2015
26 to 28 May / Vodacom World, Midrand
William (Bill) BinneyInternational keynote: William (Bill) Binney, former NSA director
Bill spent more than 30 years working at the NSA, and has been described as one of the best analysts in its history. He left the agency in 2001, having publicly disagreed with its data collection policies. During his keynote he'll draw back the veil and reveal what the state-adversary looks like from the inside.
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