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Insight - Timekeeping

Online Brainstorm

Software vs leadership

Are time clocks are getting the boot?

Insight - Personality profile

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Business unusual

Most deputy CEOs long for a chance to step into the top slot, but Vanessa Olver got her opportunity in the worst possible way.

Insight - Marketing

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Larry's back in town

A refresh for MTN's marketing strategy.

Insight: Into the future

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Power to the people

Customers are reshaping businesses, whether they like it or not.

In focus - Security


Do you know where your nudes are?

Security is your responsibility, irrespective of whether you're a corporate or personal user of cloud services.

Insight: YouTube

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Is YouTube overlooked?

YouTube is far more than a place to derive some comic relief from neon cats dancing on pianos. It has become a key marketing tool for businesses that can get it right.

Cover story

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The big telecoms buy-out

This year has seen more merger and acquisition activity than at any time over the last two decades as local operators seek more mass.

Insight: CIO Survey

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Fixing CIO pain points

In the wake of EMC's annual CIO Summit, six points were released to address what ails CIOs.

Innovation: Wumdrop

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Why not 'WumDrop' it?

Couriers at the touch of an app.

IN Focus - Outsourcing and managed services

Outsourcing and Managed Services

Staying ahead of POPI

The enforcement of POPI is a watershed moment for IT outsourcing business models.

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Governance, Risk and Compliance conference 2015
24 & 25 Feb - Conference /26 Feb - Workshop
The Forum, Bryanston
Father of GRC' to speak in SA
The need for governance, risk and compliance to drive value for business stakeholders will be highlighted by Michael Rasmussen, a renowned expert on governance, risk and compliance at ITWeb's annual GRC event next year.
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