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Africa report: Nigeria

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Moves to control and regulate

Professor Danbatta replaces Dr Eugene Juwah, whose tenure expired in July.

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The business reality

According to the World Bank Group's Doing Business evaluation and economic ranking, Nigeria finds itself in 170th place out of 189 countries ranked.

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Double the burn rate

The reality of doing business in Nigeria

In Focus: Unified communications


Hot voices and spicy communications

Voice over IP and unified communications are hardly the stuff of saucy excitement, but the latest trends are more than a little interesting.

Insight: Personality profile

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Propelling women to succeed

Debby Edelstein believes business is not just about profit, but about transformation.

In Focus: ID and Access Management


Loss of identity

Data breaches and identity theft are becoming all too common.

Insight: IT wastage

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The six deadly budget sins

What wasteful practices can businesses eradicate to cut costs?

Insight: Virtual Reality

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The virtual Underground

Put that game on pause: Virtual Reality and the mobile phone are transforming the mining industry.

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Banking on change

But can financial institutions keep up?

In focus: Mobile security


BYOD and beyond

The right mobile security strategy requires that everyone in the organisation knows the risks.

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