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Insight: Personality profile

Online Brainstorm

Jumping off the hamster wheel

Darlene Menzies, a graduate from the school of hard knocks.

In Focus: Digitalisation

CIO Zone

Defining the digital journey

Digital transformation brings with it some interesting challenges, opportunities and mercurial rules.

Insight: Renewable energy

Online Brainstorm

Powering Africa

Off-grid, small-scale solar is doing what the grid cannot and powering Africa.

Insight: Cloud services

Online Brainstorm

The datacentre tripartite alliance

IBM, Vodacom and Gijima have partnered to unveil the first IBM cloud datacentre on the African continent.

Insight: Startups

Online Brainstorm

Fresh and funky

The startup scene in South Africa may be facing a Zumaesque economy, but that hasn't stopped its innovation.

Insight: Riverbed

Online Brainstorm

Private is the new black

After taking his company private a little over a year ago, Riverbed's CEO is planning another Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Brainstorm: Cover story

Online Brainstorm

Tech arsenal in poaching WAR

Can technology save the rhino?

Roundtable: Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Better intelligence?

Accepting the role of Business Intelligence is the easy part. Understanding and executing it, not so much.

Insight: The C-Suite

Online Brainstorm's_new_career_path.gif

The CIO's new career path

With the growing reliance of just about any organisation on technology, there are suggestions that CIOs will start moving up into the CEO position.

Insight: Uber

Online Brainstorm

Inside Uber SA

The disruptive taxi company has created a public transport system in South Africa for a market that previously preferred to use their own cars.

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20 July 2016 | The Forum, Bryanston
Chris Hart, director, Leapfrog Global and joint CEO, Leapfrog Impact CapitalThought-Leadership: The fourth industrial revolution - an emerging market and African context
During this presentation Chris Hart, director at Leapfrog Global will answer questions on why it matters to the economy and its implications for investment?

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