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Insight: Personality profile

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We owe it to our youth

Almost 30 years on, Lorraine Steyn is having fun running her software development business, and believes there's a lot of coding talent in our youth that should be given the chance to fly.

Africa report: DRC

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Gambling on growth

Expanding operations into the DRC? Here's what to expect.

In Focus: Internet of things


IoT a heaven for hackers

Security can no longer be considered a choice.  

Insight: Security

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Can SA turn insecurity into profit?

A weak economy, advanced malware, information theft, critical infrastructure under siege...and yet infosec experts are upbeat.

Insight: Artificial Intelligence

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The ROBIT revolution

South Africa is not taking a back seat in the Virtual Personal Assistant market: meet ROBIT, an artificial intelligence that books rooms, makes sense of ERPs and even tells jokes.

Insight: Communications

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A tale of two departments

The two communications ministries have made little progress in ICT advancement in SA.

In Focus: Cognitive analytics


Thinking machines

Cognitive analytics allows an enterprise to analyse its data using machines that can think and learn.

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Peer pressure

Bringing world-class content to Africa.

Insight: CIO Survey

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Do productivity tools deliver?

Productivity tools offer many benefits, but not every organisation has the culture to make these tools a perfect fit.

In focus: Business continuity


Continue: Business as usual

Business continuity remains a high priority for South African businesses.

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