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Insight: CIO Survey

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No need to go to work

Virtual collaboration tools are making employees more productive.

Insight : Open Source

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Lost the war?

Proprietary software has called a truce.

Insight: Equity equivalency

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Is equity equivalency truly equitable?

Four out of seven approved programmes have come from the ICT sector, but have they added any value?

Insight: Scenario planning

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Plan for the worst

Scenario planning – a tool that can save your business.

Insight: Patents

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Patent pending

Are attorneys the only winners when you protect your IP?

Insight: Security

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Get your head above water

Big corporations will soon have to come clean about breaches of their IT systems - and all hell will break loose.

In focus: Internet of Things


IOT: I see fields of green, red peppers too

The Internet of things is bridging the gap between companies and consumers.

Insight: Personality profile

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No carbon copy

Sophie Vandebroek is an original.

Cover story

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No clear vision for tech in schools

While government continues to talk the talk, there's little real progress around its efforts to get technology into classrooms.

Insight: Business agility

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Jack be nimble

It's time for your software development projects to take that agile leap.

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