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Innovation - Case Study

Online Brainstorm


Hungry for Growth

Mezzanine moves up the food chain.

Innovation: Healthcare

Online Brainstorm


A byte into an apple a day...

From the wind-up ultrasound to Ebola television, technology is transforming medicine across Africa.



Datatec improves performance

Revenue for the full year will come in at $6.4 billion, compared to last year's $5.7 billion.

In focus: Enterprise networking



Your network will kill you

Is yours working for you? Or are you working for it?

In focus: HR & Payroll

HR and Payroll


Do we still need HR?

Surely there's an app for that.

HR and Payroll


HR's hottest trends

…In a nutshell.

HR and Payroll


Payroll plunders

Why HR needs to summon some legal know-how.

Insight: CMIO

Online Brainstorm


New suit on the block

The CMIO is in the house.

INSIGHT: Case study

Online Brainstorm


Zalicon Valley or bust

Is proactive customer experience management the next frontier for CRM – or just pie in the sky?

Insight: Chief innovation officer

Online Brainstorm


The rise of the innovator

Vincent Maher's performance as chief innovation officer will help the CIO determine whether the CINO is an ally or rival.

Company news


Top news

ITWeb Security Summit 2015
26 to 28 May / Vodacom World, Midrand
William (Bill) BinneyInternational keynote: William (Bill) Binney, former NSA director
Bill spent more than 30 years working at the NSA, and has been described as one of the best analysts in its history. He left the agency in 2001, having publicly disagreed with its data collection policies. During his keynote he'll draw back the veil and reveal what the state-adversary looks like from the inside.

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Ian Henderson


Mass appeal


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