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Roundtable: Internet of Things

Digital Life

The IOT revolution

What can some of SA's top technology thought leaders add to the debate around this intangible concept?

Insight: Digital Tax

Online Brainstorm

SARS is losing out

Tax laws are lagging behind the digital economy.

Insight: Personality Profile

Online Brainstorm

Making the impossible possible

How Geci Karuri-Sebina works to create cities in South Africa.

In Focus: SMEs

Business Continuity Management

The backup battle

Backups are no longer a nice-to-have – they're a business essential.

Insight: Project Management

Online Brainstorm

Why projects fail

Despite their incredible value for business, why do IT projects tend to crumble or fall short of their objectives?

Insight: Recruitment

Online Brainstorm

Where, oh where has the talent gone?

It's those specialist skills that are bringing all the companies to the yard.

In focus: Open source

Open Source

Doing things differently

Open source software gives companies the edge.

Brainstorm: Cover Story

Online Brainstorm's_girls.gif

Nkandla's Girls

Can ICT save them?
Community centres are trying to address years of oppression in rural KwaZulu-Natal, but is this battle futile?

Roundtable: ERP

Enterprise Solutions

ERP: one system to rule them all

Enterprise resource planning has emerged as the backbone of modern business technology.

Insight: ICT

Online Brainstorm

The ICT policy paradox

South Africa and Rwanda's relationship with technology has affected the respective countries' economic trajectories in a big way.

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